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EFA International

EFA International
CROWDRISE : May 08, 2013
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EFA International

EFA's Mission and Values

The mission of EFA International is to promote the successful future of African children, youth, and families affected by HIV and AIDS through education, enterprise, and empowerment.


EFA International is working towards this mission by empowering young people with the skills, resources, and support they need to live positive and healthy lives. Our main goals are as follows:

  • To improve the psychosocial development, health literacy, professional capacity, and financial autonomy of African youth and families who are affected by HIV and AIDS  by:
    • Providing educational and employment opportunities;
    • Building core leadership values and community; and
    • Promoting the value of “living positively” with HIV while reducing stigma;
  • To contribute to the healthy development of African children who are affected by HIV and AIDS by:
    • Improving access to comprehensive health services;
    • Offering educational opportunities;  and
    • Developing employment opportunities for families and caretakers;
  • To inform and engage communities around the world about HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Through training and education, our organization fosters the development of strong, independent thinkers who can help lead their communities towards social change.

Our values:

EFA International believes that education, both formal and non-formal, is an essential component in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Knowledge sharing and capacity building mitigate the impact of the virus on individuals, families and communities, by better preparing them to respond to the additional challenges caused by the epidemic. EFA International works to provide African youth and families with the support necessary for them to reach their full potential and become the future leaders of tomorrow.

All of EFA International’s interventions are based on a core set of values:

  1. All youth deserve the opportunity to succeed. All families deserve the opportunity to thrive.
  2. HIV status should not serve as a barrier or obstacle to accessing services available to the general population.
  3. Community interventions at the grassroots level are integral to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

In order to achieve our goals, EFA International has implemented activities in three different programmatic and geographic domains:

  1. the youth empowerment network in the Far North Region of Cameroon;
  2. the Child Support Center empowerment program in Kigali, Rwanda; and
  3. Cultural Exchange and Service-Learning programs designed for Americans interested in learning more about HIV in Africa and strategies to mitigate its impact.

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Tax ID: 20-5484031 •


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