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Sounds great doesn't it? A free meal.
Now imagine 10!
If you know me (but even if you don't, i'm sure you can relate), i L.O.V.E. food.
I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to not eat for a whole day let alone two, but i do know what it feels like to eat something when i'm starving; almost anything i eat seems like the best thing I've ever had.
Now imagine someone who struggles to get a single meal day by day.
We're privileged and blessed to have our most basic needs met every single day and too often we take for granted the things we have because we're use to having it.
Now imagine 10 people.
Now imagine each of these hungry people with a meal provided for them.
How excited are you when you're starving, and that 10-minute wait for your food seems like forever, but then your food comes?
Now can you imagine not remembering when you had your last meal and all of sudden, the great people that organize RUN10FEED10 provides you with a free one?

Join the FEED Foundation, Crowdrise and I as we help fight hunger in American ( or Austin to be exact).

RUN10FEED10 is a 10K run hosted by Women's Health. The one i'm participating in is this Saturday, October 13th in Austin and i plan on raising at least $100 by Tuesday, October 16th.

I've never done a 10K and honestly this is last minute but i think this is a great cause. I think there IS enough food in the world, and hunger CAN be prevented. I hope you feel the same or that I've at least convinced you with my charm =] Haha jk, but in all seriousness, i'd really love and appreciate it if you'd help me fundraise for RUN10FEED10; either by registering and running with me this Saturday or making a donation or just by simply telling one other person.

Thank you in advance! =]

- Alin

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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