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EIS - Eviction Intervention Services Hom...

EIS - Eviction Intervention Service...
CROWDRISE : Mar 31, 2015
Tax ID: 13-3311582
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Homelessness Prevention

EIS has been helping New Yorkers stay put since 1984. EIS clients tend to be seniors and the working poor. By employing a small staff which offers direct, compassionate no fee services, EIS seeks to keep New Yorkers in their homes through legal assistance, hoarding awareness and counseling. EIS prevents homelessness by keeping residents in their communities, preserving existing affordable housing, and promoting and supporting the construction of affordable housing for low, moderate and middle-income households.

Just imagine what it would be like to be faced with eviction from your home.  It's not such an unimaginable event for many of our neighbors.  Every day EIS assists New Yorkers to stay put.  The men and women (and children!) who come to EIS are often life-long New Yorkers-they are long-term workers who have been displaced, they are seniors hanging in on their fixed incomes, they are hourly wage workers whose weekly wages vary and who struggle paycheck to paycheck each month.  EIS clients are your neighbors, friends, colleagues and relatives.

What does EIS do to help?  Sometimes, it's legal advice, sometimes it's helping a tenant to confront their issues with clutter, sometimes it's reaching out for rental arrear assistance or providing benefits entitlement counseling, sometimes it's hosting a safe space for tweens and teens to talk about the daily fear of being evicted, sometimes it's sharing advice and information so that one can advocate for oneself!

Each time EIS prevents a household from being evicted, not only does it benefit that particular individual involved but it also boosts the quality of life for all New Yorkers ( a landlord does get their rent money! a building does have a better-informed resident! a school does have a more focused student!).  A small step is made to preserving a neighborhood!  EIS' intervention saves taxpayers at least $30,000-the cost of maintaining a household in the shelter system.

EIS services and programs are NO FEE.  How are we managing?  We are grateful for the continued financial support we receive from Foundations, local community benevolence funds and our elected officials through local initiative funding.  EIS also gives thanks to the many volunteers who work with us-professionals and students-each one a generous-hearted citizen who wants to help people in need.

But, just as our clients struggle to make it month to month so, too, does EIS.  We're a small, lean, highly efficient organization but given this current economy and rental market in NYC we are faced with a great many neighbors in need.  All of us at EIS are humbled by the experiences of our clients.  We recognize how many of us especially in this City-live paycheck to paycheck and can find ourselves collapsed and paralyzed by a new reality of less income or a single emergency destroying our well-ordered universe.  EIS helps people to CONFRONT what is real and MOVE AHEAD to what is possible and doable in THEIR FUTURE>

Please consider helping EIS. 



Tax ID: 13-3311582 •


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