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CROWDRISE : Nov 05, 2013
Tax ID: 38-3834257
BASED: Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States


The Elastic Mind Project

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The Elastic Mind Project (EMP) was founded on the principle of ending the generational poverty cycle in a selected group of children, through the implementation of pragmatic educational and cultural  programs.
The EMP is focused on a whole life philosophy combining science, technology, arts, meditation, empathy training and multi cultural programs.  This approach gives the children skills that will allow them to navigate the complex labyrinth out of the grip of generational poverty, and into a productive and positive role in society.  

We are working with a selected group children, focusing on the long term goal that they, with the skills garnered through the EMP and the extensive life skills aquired by living inthe barrio, gain an advanced degree here in the US or Colombia, thereby ending the generational poverty for them and those familes. Beyond that we expect that the children return to Colombia and the barrio to continue this eradicatoin of poverty, on their own terms.

The EMP stand on the following principles and practices:

  1. Development of rational thinking 
  2. Implementation of programs that are related to the arts, science and technology
  3. Integration of the concepts of neuroplasticity 
  4. Art projects directed to ignite healing and cultivate creativity though psicomagicactivities  
  5. Execution of physical activity programs through the inclusion of multicultural practices like yoga, capoeira and dance etc.

Tax ID: 38-3834257 •


Rebuilding  School in Bogota, Colombia

Rebuilding School in Bogota…

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