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Help a little guy get elected without Corporate Donations

Organized by: Richard Curtis

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It seems America's voice is not heard locally or in D.C. This is due to millions of dollars of Corporate Donations buying our elected officials. When corporations collude with media outlets in order to inflate prices for Political Airtime on T.V. which forces those Politicians to seek corporate Donations.Guess the American thing to do is just say NO to Corporate contributions all together. This is how America gets put first and foremost before special interests, and Corporate Lobbyists. Elections are won by votes not Federal Reserve Notes! Our school system was once #1 in the world, but we no longer even make the top 30 list. Each year goes by and each year we fall lower down the list.I refuse to believe this is by accident., yet what's their answer, nothing. They talk about raising the annual budget but once behind close doors, they cut the budget even more. Guess what it's not how much money we spend on education, it's how we educate our kids. We seem to think money is a cure-all for everything, yet it's not medication so it can't cure anything! There are countries that provide little money if any for schooling, yet have some of the brightest kids in the world. We need to invest time not money into our kids, so they have a future and so America has a future!

We also have this long history of supplying weapons around the world, 75% of the worlds weaponry comes from America. Then we get shocked when these weapons are used against us. Why would we be shocked, did we think that everybody loves America? Sure Israel loves us for providing them with weapons, but Israel's neighboring countries seem rather ticked off. It's the same when we provide billions of dollars in weaponry to Qatar. Some weapons are passed on to Hamas and used against Israel. Now Hamas and Qatar may love us but it makes Israel rather ticked at us. Did anybody stop to think that maybe we shouldn't supply weapons to any countries. This not only would give America a strategic advantage having superior firepower, but since no other country would have this weaponry, we wouldn't need to use ours. Supplying F-16 Fighter Jets to any county, let alone to terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. What are we doing, trying to make the world a better place or a war zone? It's very irresponsible of us to be so hungry for money that we forget about humanity. Sale countries Jets, helicopters, armored vehicles,and supplies just stripped of all weapons. If we are trying to push for global peace and stability, then weapons only hinder that objective. This seems like a simple thing to do that can make a huge difference around the globe.

We also need to remember Americans are suffering everyday from poverty(yeah sadly that word still exists) disease, overly prescribed medications from anti-depressant, to opiates, to even basic medications like aspirin are used way to much. We have only 4.6% of the worlds population but consume 880% of the worlds medication each year. 70% of Americans are on a least one type of medication , and 50% of them are on two or more pills daily. Yet we never seem to get any better, but in fact we are having to take a second medication to help with the side-effects or damage the first medication as caused. Yet even though cigarettes are no longer advertised on television, prescription and over the counter drug advertisements are rampant. Yet 60% of prescription drug ads and 80% of over the counter dug ads are misleading. So whose not doing their job? Since the top 5 prescriptions that have paid out billions of dollars in lawsuits are all ant-psychotics then it seems the FDA is not doing their job(might be due to 55% of their funding comes from Pharmaceutical companies..horrible way to do things) Top that off with the categorizing of Cannabis as a phase 1 drug, with no known medical uses. Even though recently there are thousands of people who claim it has cured their cancer, not to mention over 2000 years of cannabis being used as medication for different ailments gives the impression that it's only a phase 1 drugs do to the financial hit Pharmaceutical companies would take if it were legal medication. Again that was a decision made by the FDA.Sch callous disregard for Americans health and safety. That screams criminal intent., approving drugs that cause severe side effects while suppressing others that have none all to get there money.Just provide Americans with correct data and let them decide what they would do.

Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."
Yet why do our elected officials keep calling us a Democracy? Well simply in a Republic nobody can take a person's property from them, not even by majority vote as in a Democracy. Yet not only is personal property(also called personal happiness by Thomas Jefferson) being taken from Americans by Big Banks but the loans provided by Big Banks to Americans are Federally Insured for loss by the Government using Tax payer dollars. The Banks are providing balloon payment loans, to borrowers, then when payment is not made (probably due to the balloon payment being several months of an average person wages) The bank Gets the property and the insurance for the bad loan.

Really I could go on and on about what laws and regulations are passed that make the ever increasing gap between the Wealthy and everybody else. Including things like a poverty level minimum wage, ever growing fines and fees for basic tickets like Jaywalking, or Fraudulent Photo lights that are overseen by people in other states then the one the infraction was committed in, so the money doesn't go back into the local economy or infrastructure as it should be used for. May be lucky if the company running the Red light cams is even an American Company to begin with. Yet I can sit and watch the Red light camera near my residence go off constantly even when no cars are there to trigger it. Guess that's due to the company being paid per driver photoed so they really want money, At Americans expense.Not to mention the almost $500 fine a piece, which the court get $45 of that and Bureaucrats get the other $455 which is suppose to go towards infrastructure and not lining Politicians pockets.

Unless something changes, and more non-Democrat, and non-Republican representatives there are i D.C. the more likely things will change, and for the better of all Americans. Which is why I'm asking not necessarily for your money, but for your support in fixing this country so we can start moving forward in Life and not standing idle like is has been. There is no reason why we can not succeed and re-secure the #1 spot in everything we put our minds to.

It will take all of us, every American to make this happen, but it will be worth it in the end. We just need to stop blaming each other for our mistakes and start helping each other find solutions to our problems. No one is perfect, certainly not I, but we need to start looking towards our Nations Future the Future of Every American, even the Future of the Human Race and our Planet.

Starting with Honesty and Accountability with ourselves, as well as with each other, and the rest will fall into place!

Thank You for time


Organized by

Richard Curtis

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