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Mission: Improve the lives of captive and wild endangered Asian elephants and the people connected to them. Tax ID 27-3472337


Elemotion Foundations focuses on conservation and welfare. 

Our projects include wild elephant orphan rehabilitation, captive elephant welfare, electric fencing for farmers, construction for village schools, support for artists helping elephants, creation of a medical health protocol for captive elephant sanctuary, information about responisible elephant tourism, and more.

We are working hard on our mission with these 3 goals:

1. Educate the public about the plight of the Asian elephant.  An informed public has the power to improve elephants’ lives by choosing to participate in elephant friendly activities, donating to established organizations, and spreading the message.
2. International network building. Support, coordinate, and facilitate the passage of information between like-minded organizations, programs, researchers, and individuals who are working towards the betterment of wild and captive Asian elephants.
3. Create and support programs which improve the lives of elephants and the people connected to them. The foundation is dedicated to helping elephants by creating initiatives which have an impact on large numbers of elephants as well as on individual cases.  We also focus on educational and community development for people who live and work with elephants, including HEC affecting villages.