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Baby orphan elephant surveillance system

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Elemotion Foundation needs your help to install an outdoor video surveillance system for the orphans and staff of the Elephant Transit Home.  The Transit Home, located at Udawalawe National Park in southern Sri Lanka, is the only orphanage in the world to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned baby Asian elephants back to the wild.

The video surveillance system will help the orphanage run more efficiently.  It will allow veterinary staff to keep a close eye on vulnerable new arrivals, survey sick and injured babies, and implement new management strategies.

The surveillance system will include night vision cameras pointed at 7 different locations.  It will also allow the veterinary staff to access the video feed from outside the orphanage.

Goal: 3,500$ US by Jan 30th, 2014.

Please consider making your donation today!

(Elemotion Foundation supports the Transit Home by fostering one male orphan named, Vibhi, and supporting various projects.)

More about the Elephant Transit Home:

The Elephant Transit Home, run by Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation, is a unique orphanage whose mission is to release orphaned elephants back into the wild.  Most of the elephants at ETH were orphaned due to Human Elephant Conflict.  Since opening in 1995, over 80 orphans have been freed in Udawalawe National Park.

There is no petting or cuddling the babies at this orphanage.  In fact, to prepare the orphans for life in the wild, human contact is kept to a bare minimum.  Milk feeding and veterinary care are the only times when the staff touches or handles the orphans.

The orphans, aged between a few months to 5-years, are allowed to socialize and roam freely.  They are never chained.  There is even a natural lake where they can bathe.  Organized milk feeding occurs every three hours.  The public can buy a ticket and watch the adorable feeding (9am and 12 pm only) from a designated platform that does not disturb the orphans.

With a capacity for 40 orphans, the staff is attentive and careful to the special needs of these babies.  Introducing a baby elephant to milk formula is a difficult and often dangerous task.  Intolerance, diarrhea, and dehydration can severely threaten the life of an already weak and stressed baby elephant.  Treatment of injuries, wounds, abrasions, factures, dehydration, and malnourishment are also part of the daily routine at ETH.

Once the orphans reach the age of 4-5 years, they are grouped together in small batches for release into the Udawalawe National Park.  In the wild, they face enormous challenges.  Some orphans integrate into wild families, some shadow but do not join their older wild counterparts, and others stay together in juvenile herds. But, whatever path they follow, thanks to the care they received at ETH, the orphans are strong and have a better chance of prospering in the wild.

In November 2013, Elemotion Foundation travelled inside Udawalawe National Park to look for former released orphans.  We were delighted to find herd of female elephants.  Three of the adult females were identified by head veterinarian, Dr. Tharaka, as former ETH orphans.  Each female had its own baby.  It was wonderful to see the ETH orphans doing so well in the wild.

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