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Within reach... to get new hinterland for ELIM Letovice.

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EVENT DATE: Jul 15, 2013

Pavel Kratochvil


Our projects

Leisure club
Safe and friendly ambience where kids and youths from age of 7 – 20 can spend the time.
Multi-genre festival which offers a lot of options to do form learning english, sports, dance, theatre, concerts to interesting leactures and seminars.
Each day to max
This project is focused on individual and group assistance help among seniors and handicapped people.
Healthy youth
Lectures (smoking, durgs, sex, AIDS, bullying, cyberbullying...) on primary and secondary schools in South moravia region.

Bacis information about the new building
For several years we are looking for suitable spaces for founding a day care center where we would like to run leisure-time club and other preventive program for childern and youth. Two years ago we started to interest in the property situated just 500 meters from Letovice Square, which is owned by RWE. The price for this building, build in 2001, was 315 400 $ in April 2011. After the first meeting with real estate agents and RWE price dropped to 241 000 $. However, that offer was sitll unavailable plate so we paused for two years. In April, we approached RWE again with interested in this building. Very quickly we were offerd a price very reasonable price 161 500 $. After further personal contact with headquarters of the company we were offerd a donation of 10 260 $, which would make the building cost 151 240 $ and we also got preferantial right to purchase at that price for a periond of 50 days, until July 15th. Now we face the 41 day challenge, if we can get the remainging amount to purchase this building. We would be very greatful if you partcipate in this project, which is currently WITHIN REACH...

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Pavel is working on selecting a charity so you can support Within reach... to get new hinterland for ELIM Letovice..