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Elizabeth Herlevsen - 2017 Boys & Girls Club Cycling Challenge

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This is my second year riding with the B&G's club kids, and I continue to be impressed each ride with how amazing these young people are. While they are on their bike (often way out of their comfort zone) they learn to work through adversity, find their inner strength and realize their potential.  Their enthusiasm for enjoying their surroundings is limitless. Their joy in finding that obstacles they previously feared can be broken down through hard work and perseverance all of their own making is contagious.  Through cycling they realize a concrete reality: that with effort and practice all endeavors become easier.  

I have a personal and grand love for cycling. As a child it helped me gain independence, and self confidence. I always had access to a bike, from the hand me down rusty ones, to a girly bike with daisy covered banana seat to my first ten speed: brand new and just for me.  When, as an adult, my strong and seemingly invincible brother died from a heart attack, it was my bike that saved me from sadness that I couldn’t process.  I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, or think straight in the weeks after his death; yet when I was on my bike, letting the miles pass behind me, I found peace and hope.  I invested in myself by spending time getting healthy and strong on that bike so I could perhaps accomplish more with the life with which I continue to be gifted.

Who knows what adversity these kids will face in their lifetime. Your donation towards the operating costs of the boys and girls club would help make sure they can have access to not only a bike, but positive support as they learn and grow. Let’s help them put this one fantastic multi-tool in their toolbox. With it they will gain self confidence, develop a stronger work ethic, stay healthy and gain independence. As they head into their life’s adventures they will know they can handle whatever comes, and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get encouraged by them to pick up a bicycle and ride.


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