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Elizabeth Bazydlo's Fundraiser:

Elizabeth & Donald's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Aug 10, 2013


We're tying the knot this August!! The happiest day of our lives....And time has been flying by quickly! We're planning the last few things on our list & the honeymoon is next! 
We both have always had a life long dream to go to Europe!! 
Right before I met my hubby to be, I was scheduled to take a trip to Europe with the family I was a nanny for. Unfortunately the trip got canceled last min :( I was devastated at the moment. BUT, I figured there was a reason & something greater was going to come out of it. I was right!! Shortly after I met the man of my dreams! 
He always joked around, saying he would make it up to me & we would have our trip.. :) needless the say I'm the happiest girl in the world. Now the trip is an absolute dream & icing on the cake. 
We don't need many things for the home. Paying off the rest of the wedding & the honeymoon is all we need. 
This is our big moment before we settled into the family life, so we want to make this count. 
Thank you for even a dollar. We would be so thankful! Bless you all! XO 



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