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Brenda SAYS:
Hello! I admit, I have been…
Hello! I admit, I have been away for a few months working on a charity event that I have not yet gotten on Crowdrise. It was an international event called Shimmy Mob, where belly dancers from all over the world performed the same choreography, wearing the same simple outfits, on the same day (May 12th, World Belly Dance Day). The proceeds went to local shelters that help the domestically abused. I bhope next year to have this event showcased here on Crowdrise. Thus, I have been absent and have not had the chance to say 'hello' to new people joining Crowdrise...So... A Belated Welcome to Crowdrise!! Here is a vote (100 points), to help you get rolling!! Great to see you have already chosen a project!! You are off to an awesome start!!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." ~Albert Pike
6 years ago
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OH United States
Stuff About Me:

WHAT WHAT??? It's fashion show time! This is Elizabeth your Nellie's News emcee and reporter!!! I am back for my 3rd year of NC4K and I can't wait! This year will be the biggest yet.(: The reason I am fundraising for Nellie's Catwalk For Kids because one summer day in 2006 my life changed forever.... This is my story...

It was June, 2006. Cancer. The doctor said I had...Cancer. Cancer. Cancer? Why me? It was in my right arm... I was a dancer. I tumbled. I played softball. Little did I know I'd probably never be able to do any of those things again. A short while after my diagnosis I had a surgery to remove my right humerus. It was replaced with a titanium rod and a donor bone. I had very limited movement in my right arm for a while.. and I still do. I can no longer lift it all the way up or put a lot of pressure on it. Right when we thought nothing could be worse, A few years later I relapsed. Cancer. Cancer. Back. Cancer. This time a tumor found in my lung and yet again another surgery... I was in the hospital for many weeks and had a chest tube to help me eat. I met many friends in the hopital including Eden Adams... If any of you are really familiar with NC4K you have probably heard her name before. Eden was the first little girl Nellie had met that had cancer. I also met Hannah, my fellow Nellie's News reporter! Because of my chemotherapy I was also later diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy.A heart disease. No surgery was needed but this disease left me with an enlarged heart that was pumping too much blood... I take medicine to control that problem. I can't play any sports and can't do some gym activities but, I am a girly girl anyway.. soo sports aren't really my thing! I have learned a lot throughout my journey with cancer. I have learned that life is a privlege. Something a lot of people don't have for very long, and all you can do is just spend each moment of your life to the fullest and learn something new each day. Sometimes I don't think some people realize how lucky they are. Cancer can tear families apart. It's true. So please, if you are reading this, just remeber my words! Anyways, I met Nellie is 2010 and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her organization.x 2,345,567,357,897,378 (: Nellie is a true kid at heart and just really loves what she does! If you donate, you will get a warm feeling inside and you feel really good! Anything counts!

Many Hearts, One Cause, <3 



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