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I want to help my father and our family in our desperate condition. We have lost office, jobs and flat. We are without any ways and means of subsistence. Please, support to us.

I and my family (father, mother and brother 9 year old) never thought, that we were going to fall among philistines.

Our family is on the verge of survival now. We have lost the office, jobs and flat. Bank is turning us out in the road. We are without any ways and means of subsistence. At present time we haven’t quite money enough to live upon without some help, we must give Pets something to eat (we have a dog and a cat).

This was how it had all begun. We're from small town Bryansk. In 2008 my father took out a big credit at bank and tried to start a family-business. He bought an uninhabited office premise and made it’s rebuilding operation. A few months later we knew that father had bought office from fraudster, who used false papers.

We hoped Police could help. Unfortunately, our hopes had not been realized. The Police rejected an investigation of the matter. The Chief of Police told us that investigation of this crime had been especially difficult and offered to refer to the Court.

Civil litigations lasted for more than three years. Swindlers submitted forged documents to the court and won the case. As a result they took away our office, took away our money.

Therefore my father and mother lost their job. For this reason they were unable to pay off the loan.

In 2012 bank demanded to repay the credit at once otherwise they will be threatening to take away our flat. This year (in March) the court distrained our apartment.

Now the flat put up for auction. We asked a judge of the District Court “Where will we live?”, he gruff replied “Get away into a ditch”.

We asked for help to state institutions to protect of the rights of the child. We were being told that my brother will be sent to an orphan asylum and our animals will be put down in lethal chamber.

This spring when our last hope had vanished, I saw for the first time, that my father, so strong in appearance, burst out crying like a little child. At that moment I resolved that I should help him.

And I was elated beyond measure, when I found GoFundMe. I understood that one chance now is solely assistance of sympathizing people. We can’t get out of this situation without it.

We have for some time to make a penny subscription from all parts of the world to buy back our flat and return the office if that will be possible.

We shall be happy any donation. Even if we don’t raise the necessary amount, your funds will help to solve some part of the problem.

I haven’t given up all hope, however, that we may all live happy ever after. Even in the darkest of times, there will still be abundant hope for a better tomorrow.

Thanks anyway for your aid and fellow feeling. 



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