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Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation ...

Ellenville Regional Hospital Founda...
CROWDRISE : Jun 29, 2017
Tax ID: 37-1562427
BASED: Ellenville, NY, United States


Our Mission

Giving to Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation is giving back to our whole community. At the Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation, we are building a secure future for our hospital, helping to add new equipment, and funding other improvements to keep innovating and caring for the community around us. We are tremendously grateful for your contributions. Besides gifts to our Giving Tree, we have other convenient ways to give. We thank you and so does everyone who uses Ellenville Regional Hospital.

The Giving Tree and Giving Back

The Ellenville Regional Hospital Foundation (ERHF) was founded in 2008 to advance the mission of Ellenville Regional Hospital. Acknowledging the hospital’s central role in providing for the health of the community and surrounding area, the ERHF responds to the desires of many who have been helped by ERH to assist us in keeping pace with rapidly changing healthcare needs, and offering educational support to our staff.

Your Gift Gives to Many

The new Giving Tree in the entrance of Ellenville Regional Hospital is emblematic of the hospital's innovative mindset. This beautiful sculpture is a 3-dimensional tree that symbolizes renewal, health, and the way a philanthropic gesture saves and enhances lives. Your gift of money, stocks, or matching support is important, but even more so is the lasting benefit it offers all who come through our doors. We thank those of you who have given, or who give regularly and are happy to offer different ways of giving to build your relationship with your hospital.


Want to get involved? It'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser for our charity and helped us raise money. Create a Fundraiser