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CROWDRISE : Aug 09, 2012
Tax ID: 45-4236957
BASED: Shoreview, MN, United States



Our Mission

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Social and community concerns, like teen pregnancy, poverty, interrupted educational goals, and homelessness are a big deal to us- we are trying to  make a difference!   Emerge Mothers Academy was founded by three women with a heart for single mothers, crisis pregnancies, and lifelong change. Together their stories encompass many realities faced by young mothers, single parents, and challenging relationships. With their own experiences, and having each served in a crisis pregnancy center in Minneapolis, MN, these three founders began to see the need for more hands-on, residential care and consistent influence over young, single mothers. 

Emerge Mothers Academy seeks to raise funds to provide young women with a safe place to live and learn during pregnancy and early parenting.  We will be both residential and academic in programs and facility. Participants will have a safe, clean home (each with a private, decorated and fully furnished bedroom and a nursery for each baby, and family-style dinners each night) in which to live and thrive during pregnancy and early parenting. Women entering the program must demonstrate a desire to move ahead with life, and put in the effort necessary to make changes and parent with intention. While in the program the women must also work on academic goals- completing their diploma or GED requirements, or even obtain their BA, pursue a rewarding career, gain financial independence from government programs. They also work on new family goals, their physical health, emotional strength, and spiritual maturity. Various programs, classes, groups, life-on-life training, and mentoring will be offered to help them do the hard work it takes to change the patterns from which they came. We strive to equip young mothers with skills to make lifelong changes that offer a bright future to all of our children. A future filled with hope. A new legacy.

Emerge Mothers Academy is a 501c3 non-profit organization; all donations are used to help make a lasting difference in these precious lives.


Tax ID: 45-4236957 •


Emerge Mothers Academy

Emerge Mothers Academy

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