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♡Emergency Help needed for my Baby Sister Amanda!!♡

Organized by: Kara Sattler-Klein

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♡Keep the prayers coming please♡
June 14, 2016

Amanda has now had at least 4 seizures in the last 2 days, she has never had any before so it's a serious concern... I am taking her to the urgent See More

EVENT DATE May 29, 2016


Anyone that knows Amanda, knows just how sweet loving and kind she is and it makes me so sad and sick that someone would hurt her in any way! The Adult Family Home she was in was neglecting her completely. When she was bathed it was only once a week and they did it with her in her wheelchair. She wasn't being cleaned in any kind of way, ears, nails and skin. It's horrendous how bad it all was. Had to take photos to document for adult protective services and police. I took her to urgent care to checked over and they found she had a massive baterial and UTI infection and a horrible rash with scarring from being put to bed at 5:30pm until 7:30 am with no food, bathroom or changes, only to lay soaked in urine. After the x-rays they took the dr also found she had 2 fractured ribs...... Amanda then said it happened when her 40yr old male caregiver had been angry at her so he ran with her in the wheel chair to her room and then picked her and her chair up and threw/dumped her into her bed. It's disgusting the things he has done to my defenseless sister! Choking, squeezing, shaking, scratching and much more! They wouldn't even wash her face even if she asked! It breaks my heart even more to hear her say...."but I love my caregivers and they love me" upon seeing the hurt and disgust in response to her telling us these terrible things... Part of that being her TBI/disability and the rest manipulation of a vulnerable and loving person. To make things worse I had tried to have her removed back in Nov. After I had picked her up for family thanksgiving and she was in bed @5:30 and didn't look very clean. She told me then about lack of showers and the long nights in bed. I called the next day and spoke with her case worker to have her get amanda out of there. She was a new worker so felt good about her and thought she would fight to help my sister, only later after not getting a call back I called her. She then told me she called amanda's caregivers and outright asked them about my concerns!! Instead of following protocol and reporting then investigating herself!! I was then told that her caregivers were very upset I would even say those things and that amanda manipulates and lies for attention! Which isn't a complete lie, but I had seen first hand what was going on and how she looked! I'm so angry about all of this and the lack of help amanda recieved, when she needed it. The physical abuse acording to my sister started just after that. So this situation and severity of it could have been avoided.... I will be taking legal action against her and the state for not advocating or doing their job for my sister! I am also getting help to gain full guardianship so they have to listen to me and do as I say! Not sure of the process, but I have to protect my baby sister no matter what! I filed assault charges for the abuse and made statements on her behalf. Also gave photos of finger print bruises and scratches and released the xrays and dr report. Amanda is now a lil settled at my mom's house and I am taking care of her there along with help from my sister-inlaw . Working with her and dealing with all of this and the red tape 16-18 hrs a day. The state again has dropped the ball and has not even followed up to help figure out a plan for care or even a lil help or relief. Adult protective services has not even showed up! Ughhh on top of changing my self to take over as payee, amanda has had no income the last 2 months due to lapse in review. So I have done and used up all I have to just provide most of what she needs on a daily basis. We have had some true blessings from great people and recieved help with a electric hospital bed and bedside commode. I am not asking for $ just some donations or even time if you have it to either help with amanda's care or even visiting her bringing a smile to her face! Alot of love goes a long way in healing the damage done.... if you want to donate any supplies like.... depends, wipes, bed liners, bed pads, another gait belt and I'm sure others I can't think of lol (not much sleep lately).... she also really needs Clothing very bad. They ruined hers with bleach or bodily fluids and stole from her. If you are able to help in any way, even just a prayer, we would really appreciate it,  every lil bit helps right now.. i will hopefully get more support after memorial day from her case worker and starting process to be main caregiver. You can message me with any questions you may have :) I hate to even ask for help but I need to do all I can to get her stable happy and healthy again. Also she is going to all new Dr's to be treated since it seems others have turned a blind eye or didn't notice when they should have, what was happening to her. Thank you for talking the time to read this and god bless!! ♡♡♡



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Organized by

Kara Sattler-Klein

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Tom & Lisa Barrett

Tom & Lisa Barrett

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