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Johnnie Nelson's Fundraiser:

Emergency Money Assistance and Medical Help !!!!

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

Johnnie Nelson


JULY 9TH, 2017 (Sunday) YOUR EMERGENCY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED FOR RENTAL ASSISTANCE / SEARCHING FOR NEW AFFORDABLE APARTMENT / AND A FEW OTHER THINGS WITH IN MEDICAL REASONS  I AM ASKING FOR DONATION GOAL OF:   $20,000  MY PAGE IS AT: (Ms. J.M. Nelson) THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I FIND EXTREMELY HARD TO DO BUT I GOT TO DO WHATS NEEDED: THIS IS NOT A SCAM OR A STUPID JOKE AT ALL - WHAT SO EVER - I REALLY NEED HELP - MY HEALTH ISSUES ARE VERY TRUE - I CAN PROVIDE “”ANY”” PROOF UPON YOUR REQUEST !!  I suffer with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) - from 3 Cerebral Aneurysms - One Ruptured - It took 3 hospitals; 10 Doctors; 11 1/2 Hours of Surgery To Save My Life. I still have 2 Cerebral Aneurysms left in my head wrapped in surgical coils. When the doctor started to remove 3 out of 15 Staples from my head - I ended up back into emergency surgery again because of a Bad Staph Infection -- (YES - I know that I could have sued - but I don’t believe in destroying what saved me) - they where an experimented hospital that happen to have saved my life. I was extremely blessed that night to be within their path - Since Then: High Blood Pressure / Seizure Disorder - Extremely Server Copper Tunnel / At one point I was totally blacking out with No Warning At All - (Last Date: April ‘2017). Due to my Chronic Pain and Crazy List of Medications, I now travel with a Wireless Medical Alert System to go anywhere with me in the USA. As of Current Date of June 2nd , 2017 - I was told that I have: High Blood Cholesterol - 200 and above, it’s extremely high, border line strong signs of “possible” concerns for another stroke. I’m not suppose to have stress or depression (Good Luck To Me) -- I also suffer from 2 back operations on my Lower Lumbar Spine - Right now I maybe looking at another operation sooner than later. My apartment is extremely cold all winter long - I have been stuck to this apartment, for the winter past, with extreme chronic pain. I get shots in my spine to get up right for the summer weather, that goes away quick and back to the COLD WEATHER -- LOOKING FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING - I AM ASKING FOR HELP Trying to stay healthy as possible / sane and on my feet financially. My health its a very overwhelming issue right now. I would greatly, be a appreciative for any financial help given to me, trying to keep bills and Wireless Medical Alert button payed, its my only protection for me to go out alone. Trying to get my last belongings left in storage. I would love to have most of whats left. I lost a lot of my personal things - the storage was all that I have left in North Carolina. If please may I ask, if anyone has a Treadmill and Stationary Bike that could be decent enough to donate a set to my health and some type of fitness. I for sure don’t want anymore surgery's , my apartment is extremely cold and very bad for my health in a lot of ways, when winter is here. My legs and body needs to stay excised in some sort of way, so that I can continue to try and walk correctly, without anymore surgery, FOR AS LONG, AS I CAN. I have a Home Health Aid that should be here everyday for 3 hours, my doctor just requested more hours per day, waiting on approval.



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