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Organized by: Petro Maritz

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South Africa is in flames. Natural conditions like drought, heat and floods mean that you have to be tough to survive. Unfortunately, there's an even worse side to the story. Corruptive governing bodies make it impossible for regular people to survive. Basic needs such as water and electricity have become a sheer luxury. As I'm typing this, the electricity has gone out again - I have 1 h 04 min of battery life left on my computer. After which I will quickly go take a shower. We are lucky enough to have water today. The fact that it's cloudy and muddy and unusable is just something we had to get used to. The electricity will probably be out for several hours (if not days). I, therefore, have only 1 hour and 2 minutes left to work and earn my money - 30% of which will be used to pay utility bills for services I do not receive. Corruption and an extreme deficiency in service delivery have brought large parts of our country to a complete standstill. Municipalities are failing. People are protesting (which I do not blame them for - half of the houses in our town have been without running water for more than 4 months now). Local businesses are closing one after the other because it is impossible to work without basic services. We need a plan and we need it yesterday already. Like I said, to survive in Africa, you need to be tough. And you ALWAYS need to be one step ahead of the rest. We're good at solving nearly impossible problems and we can overcome just about anything. This is what this project is about - overcoming what is ruining our whole economy and what is driving our average population into absolute poverty. The solution to the nationwide problem of service delivery is to build an emergency off-grid kit. The off-grid kit that we've designed is run solely on solar power. It's designed to supply the average household and small business with enough power and water to survive - even if our services is completely interrupted again for 3 weeks, even 3 months. The kit produces enough clean, safe drinking water for a whole household, can run the basic electrical appliances and has 3 lights to get by during dark nights. The unit is ready for production. It uses condensation to produce between 60l and 100l of water each day. Everything by using just sunlight. The only problem is that the unit, at this stage costs about $5500 to produce. With an average household income of about $16000 per year, it is just not affordable to the average South African. The solution is to mass produce. Mass production will lower costs from $5500 per unit to roughly $1800 per unit. Making it much more affordable to every suffering household and small business. This emergency off-grid kit can save a whole economy if it's possible to put one in every house and every business in the country. My plea today is about much more that just donating a few dollars towards a new product. It's about giving a family the power to earn a living. It's giving a mother enough safe water to bathe her newborn baby. This project is not is not focused on profiting from an amazing and much-needed product. It's about putting my product in every household that desperately needs it. If any extra money is raised through this plea, it will be used to subsidise the emergency off-grid kit even further - making it affordable for households with incomes of less than $3000 per year. Help provide a nation with basic services - we are fighting a tough battle. Those with less money struggle even more. South Africans are tough but at this time, we need a little help to be able to survive. Will you help us survive? *For more information about the emergency off-grid kit, progress on the project, and any questions or suggestions, please email me at petro@waterbergbesighede.co.za


Organized by

Petro Maritz

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