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Emily's plea for renewal.

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Keneisha Gregory


Help for a childhood, that was filled with lies. My father never wanted me to live my life, because according to my own father my life was my aunt's. My mom had married my father not knowing that she was nothing but a child bearer to him; a child bearer for his barren sister. My father had been in affair with my aunt before I was even born, because of such I was depraved of everything the average child takes for granted; my father purposely made my mom, and I lived in poverty while he gave his sister money secretly so she could live in luxtury. It was all intentional to make my mother look unfit, so his sister would seem fit; do to the fact when my aunt was a teenager my father assaulted her for years, and when she concieved a child that was miscarried my father told her I would be the replacement. Unforunately, my mom and I hadn't known this until we ran away. Throughout childhood I went through shelters even if my mom managed to be eligible for an apartment my father purposely spent his money foolishly so we wouldn't have any left to pay the rent. If my mother had money stored away, he'd steal it, and threaten my mother when she accused him for such. My mom and I learned the hard way that he'd never be a father to me or a husband to her because he would never seen himself as such. In 2014 I discovered my father was planning my mother's death; he was looking for a state where he'd get away with murder easily, and when I found out such I told my mother immediately. Quickly, we went in a domestic violence shelter, and as always my aunt would text me continously; I knew her behavior was abnormal for an aunt, but I discarded it at the time. I never imagined that my aunt was engaged in a affair with my father, when my mom tried to give my father another chance to be in our lives the mistreatment worsen, and his demands for me to see his sister every week became nervewrecking. After awhile, I could no longer accept it, and I refused to see his sister so he depraved me of more things. Then when I was seventeen, it was no longer a secret to my mother or I, because it was obvious to everyone. My father was grooming me; not only did he stayed with my mom to give me to his sister, but to also take advantage of me; my mother never made him have the chance. He had called ACS on my mom secretly, child protective services , and people who'd help him report a case of child neglect on my mom, so he could prevent us from escaping to give his sister custody over me before I reached eighteen. My mother and I didn't get to think logically before we ran away, my mom just took the little money she had so we could be live, and we're scared we'll be thrown out of our apartment and forced to go back to my father who wants us both dead. My mom would like to put me in a college, I'd like to go back to high school, and not fret about my situation. However my situation prevents me from focusing on high school, college, and any aspirations I have because right now my mom and I have to put our lives first. Living in fear, my mother and I discovered that we weren't the only ones decieved. My father had fooled many women to bear him children for his barren sister, unlike me though they're boys, and sadly we're afraid the abuse would continue no matter how far we are because now my father is obsessed over me. The family on my father's side could careless; they tolerate incestous affairs, and my mother's side of family are all for themselves. I just want to know what it's like to live life as a ordinary kid, I just want to keep my mom, and I safe.



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