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EVENT DATE: Apr 02, 2013

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My name is Farman Pirzada and my girlfriend, Emily Henson, is one of the strongest women I know. We are both students at Miami University. She has gone through a lot of things that are unimaginable and has been very influential to both her friends and family. She started in organization in 2010 called Guate Bonita meaning "Beautiful Guatemala". The mission is to help raise awareness of Guatemalan culture and give back to her roots. Her mother is Guatemalan and has given up everything to support both Emily and her sister. Now, Emily wants to give back by donating for this cause she worked so hard on.

Emily takes care of others before herself. She struggles balancing school, providing for her family, and helping out the organization that she successfully founded. She needs a helping hand and we would love to get all of you to help!

That is why for her birthday, on April 2, I wanted to surprise her with donations of $2200 (her age) and hoped that it would go towards the school we are supporting in a local town called El Chupadero. We are giving monetary and clothes donations to this school in hopes of creating an even more positive environment for the children, and convenience for the parents and teachers as well. We want to dedicate time out of each semester to celebrate and support a culture like that of the Guatemalans. We plan to conduct this mission through our new organization entitled Guate Bonita, standing for Beautiful Guatemala.

Awards we have won:
Best Fundraising Design of 2010 - Clothing Drive - We set up boxes around our University's campus to collect clothes that would be donated to both the local area of Oxford, Ohio and also in the area where the school is located (Guatemala).

The link above is our blog. It would mean the world to her and the organization if you would donate to our cause. Your donation would help:
-fund security for the school with fences, doors, locks, etc.
-reduce the risks of asthma due to poor conditions
-fund school supplies and recreational activities
-improve a child's future
-provide care for the student in the rural elementary school of El Chupadero.

Above is a link to photos of the school.

Thank you so much and just being able to have this website as a service is a great thing to us.



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Farman is working on selecting a charity so you can support Emily's Birthday Wish.