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Emma's Education Center

Helping Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities continue their education! Tax ID 46-5222548


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, public charity, continuing education for adults of any age with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We propose to provide a daytime special education curriculum in Dallas County for those individuals who have aged out of the independent school districts. We propose to provide reading, writing, arithmetic and life skills as well as outclasses and breakfast and lunch.

In the state of Texas, high school students with intellectual disabilities can "age-out" of the independent school district as long as their Individualized Education Plans make allowances for it. What this means is that if education is necessary after the student achieves graduation status, the student can continue to stay in high school instruction until the year they turn 22.

So, what happens after 22? Well, parents and care providers are forced to find alternative care for their loved ones who may not be able to work because of their disability. Many go to rehab centers, many go to adult day cares and some are homebound, forcing a working parent to stay home or provide a caregiver.


Funds are needed to search for a location, train staff, enroll students on our waiting list and begin our program! We appreciate all donations.