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Empowerment Of Youths And Teenagers For Global Change.

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Clock Builders foundation is a non-governmental organization, with the vision of raising visionary leaders for global exploits. Clock Builders Foundation organizes an “Annual Young Leaders Conference”, and the last conference was just concluded in Lagos, Nigeria. Clock Builders Foundation is a host of the “Young Leaders Conference”, “Clock Builders Forum”, “Students Conference” ETC which is held in secondary schools, universities, polytechnics, colleges of education etc. of which tremendous change and improvement has begun. Clock Builders Foundation aims at affecting and improving the lives of 5 Million teenagers, youths and students in seven years across the globe. This is what we intend to do. 1. Build empowerment training programs. 2. Carry the message of hope, restoration, and definitely help them achieve their potentials through our well-structured conferences and facilitators. 3. Financially empower the participants of the empowerment programs and see to their establishment in various sectors of life. 4. To raise young entrepreneurs in major sectors of the economy. Clock Builders Foundation is also building her first online radio station to give the youths the opportunity to voice their opinions towards global development. 1. ABOUT THIS PROJECT Imagine a world where every youth and teenager can adequately make their opinions that will provoke change aired without being victimized or ridiculed rather loved and directed. Imagine a world where your needs can be heard in a couple of minutes. Imagine a world where your voice, your views, your values, your products and services can go round the planet in a couple of minutes. This is a platform where products and services are advertised. On this platform your views are aired for the world to benefit from On this platform, solutions to the problems of the world can be appropriately discussed. On this platform, you get to know what’s happening in the world as adequate information is circulated to our audience. The Problem Current online radio stations hardly or never meet the desire of their target audience thereby adding little or no value to their audience. According to The ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook (2O16, the report shows the global number of unemployed youths is set to rise by half a million this year to reach 71million, the first such increase in 3 years. With a youth population that is expected to double, to over 83O million, by 2O5O in the whole continent, the incident of unemployment among youths in Northern Africa remains elevated at 29.3 per cent in 2O16, representing the second highest rate across all regions. THE SOLUTION Our Online Platform creates an app that connects the world in a small and united unit and empowers our community called “the world” to become aware of the recent happenings and to equip our app users and audience to become world changers through our impactful and awareness programs aired online. To raise young entrepreneurs in major sectors of the economy. HOW DOES OUR ONLINE PLATFORM WORK? 1. As soon as you download our app, you become enabled to listen through this platform 2. You are empowered to voice your views 3. You are invited to track news that matters to you 4. And be updated about the latest empowerment opportunities around the world. WHY YOU SHOULD BE A PART OF IT The only way anything can make positive improvement is by adequate information or awareness, and that is what we are committed to doing. The media is of great importance because it dictates the behavior of people and affects their conversation and everyday life either positively or negatively. KBRadio doesn’t change your views, we only make it count. Our Objective: 1. To bring the world into a unified body of accurate information and accurate values, thereby improving the lifestyle of our audience. 2. To create a sensitization platforms where goods and services are advertised for the global market. 3. To relate empowerment opportunities to our audience 4. It’s our goal to inspire passionate people to take charge of the media they consume. Etc WHY ONLINE RADIO The world doesn’t just need news, but the world needs moral, values and accurate information. With this platform, everyone will be well affected, the young and the old, the educated and the non-educated, the male and the female as well. WHAT DOES CROWD FUNDING DO FOR US 1. Crowd funding allows us to move quickly and independently. We are hoping to lay a solid groundwork to put the idea to work. 2. To build and improve the app. 3. To improve our roaster of trusted and qualified news casters and presenters. 4. To create more outreach centers in the different countries of the world. ETC. WHAT’S NEXT If we can break the communication gap in the world and influence a united world through the media, the possibilities are endless and innumerable. THANK YOU. Big thanks to everyone for taking a look at our campaign. You are backing an evolution that unite the world and promote the products of individuals and organizations irrespective of their tribes, colour or nationality.



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