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Empower Ugandan Women to Combat Poverty and Gender Inequality

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December 06, 2011

Women hold up half the sky. Empowering them benefits not only women, but their communities at large!  See more


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Help send us to Uganda to establish a women's empowerment and community center for the Mubenda district's community social, economic and environmental development.
Our Story

We are part of a group of Harvard graduate students who have spent the semester researching and planning a sustainable development project for the residents of Kyakatebe, Uganda in the Mubende District.

Lene is a biology researcher at Harvard University and a student of sustainable development. Having growth up in in Norway with so much abundance, she has always felt very fortunate and desired to share with others and help the less fortunate in any way she can. When she joined the Art of Living Foundation in 2006, she knew that her path would be to be involved in service projects around the world. With this project in Uganda she hopes that she and Kaley, in collaboration with the Art of Living, can make a difference for the women in the community and help them to help themselves out of poverty.

A recent 19-year-old graduate of Boston University, Kaley is currently pursuing her Master's at Harvard and hopes to complete her thesis on gender and development work. She has traveled extensively through over 30 countries and, like Lene, wishes to help realize women around the world realize their self-worth and maximize their potential, as she has felt so lucky to experience so much herself.

This proposal is the culmination of a sustainable development class project that seeks to target the three key areas of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental benefits. Our immediate goal is to travel to Uganda to more effectively implement our project in a way that benefits the entire community for years to come.

The Impact

Our proposed community center will be a gift that keeps on giving to the Mubende district, eventually leading to self-sustainability and a potential rise out of poverty. We intend of constructing a community and women's empowerment center that aims to positively resonate through Kyakatebe on numerous levels: empowering women toward greater skills and financial and political autonomy, encouraging communal development, increasing the longevity of crops by delivering environmentally friendly methods, increasing profits by granting villagers greater autonomy, and bettering the livelihoods of all impacted.

This project is designed to respond to Kyakatebe's actual needs and include the participation of the entire community for its implementation, monitoring and continuation. In collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF), an empowerment workshop will be organized for the women participating in the project. We hope the local AOLF group will follow-up on a regular basis to ensure the long-term success of the project - the empowerment of the women - is upheld and continues to develop.

With a well-established connection to a church community in the capital city of Kampala through Pastor Israel Ssekamatte, we have access to detailed information about the target community and resources available in the area. This will further secure a proper monitoring of the project and successful exit strategy following our contribution

What We Need

Our budget for the project's completion is estimated at approximately $28,000 for the purchase of the land ($5,263), building construction ($5,500), truck to deliver goods to market($7,500 + maintainance), instructors ($3,000), center furnishings ($1,000), associated fees ($300), and miscellaneous costs ($3,437). We intend on submitting our formal proposal for grant funding, but wish to get this program off the ground independently as early as possible. With the $3,400 we are requesting here, Lene and Kaley will both be able to fly to Uganda, personally assess the land, proposed building techniques and project implementation. Further, we intend on meeting with the women of Kyakatebe to ensure our project will positively resonate with them and effectively address their needs.

If you have any questions or seek any further details of the proposed project, please do not hesitate to contact either Kaley or Lene. Thank you!



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Kaley is working on selecting a charity so you can support Empower Ugandan Women to Combat Poverty and Gender Inequality.