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End 22

Bring Awareness to the 22 Vets and 1 Active Duty we lose per Day to the Hidden Wounds of War. Connect the Dots for transitioning Service members to the civilian World. Get Vets and Active Duty Members the Non Traditional Treatment not provided or paid for by VA and Military Medical Facilities. Get Veterans active within the Community as to not lose that sense of mission. Provide FREE counseling to Vets and Service members outside of the VA and Active Duty Medical facilities. Bring Vets together to build the comradery that is lost once they transition out. Vets HELPING Vets…Since losing our own Son in 2012 to the Hidden Wounds of War something had to be done. This is END 22… Tax ID 81-3458700


100% of all money raised on Crowdrise goes to a specific account that is used directly for the End 22 Cause.


Right now we are raising funds for many Veterans that suffer from the Hidden Wounds of War go through Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy,



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Most people only know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment of the “bends” in scuba divers. The truth is, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used since the 1800’s to help the body heal. It consists of breathing 100% Oxygen (as opposed to the normal 21% we breathe in regular air) at a prescribed depth, for a prescribed period of time.


The pressure that is created in the dive chamber allows the healing oxygen to permeate through all fluids, muscle, tissue, fat and bone through out the entire body. Typically, when are body is injured, the injured tissue does not receive the oxygen it needs to thrive, cells do not function properly and the bodily functions decline. Studies show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps the body heal its injuries and improve functionality once again.

HBOT has been shown to work at the mitochondrial level to “kick start” functionality. It has also been shown in to:

Create new blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis)

Stimulate new capillary growth

Decrease inflammation and lactic acid

Increase white blood cell production

Enhance the ability for white blood cells to carry away “bad” bacteria and debris (Leukocyte activity)

Decrease surgery complications for smokers

Improve bone regeneration for faster recovery

Reduce swelling

Reduce edema

Increase the production of collagen


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End 22
2509 George Mason Dr #6496
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
501(c)3 Non Profit EIN 81-3458700