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ending violance against lgbti

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The funds will be used to the following: • To train a diverse of groups of cultural and religious leaders to be allies of women and sexual minorities in their communities. • To provide resources to progressive religious leaders to teach on the themes of positive masculinities, feminism, gender sensitive active nonviolence and leadership. • To increase the connection between religious leaders, culture leaders and their communities on issues of gender based violence. • To educate key stake holders in communities on existing internal gender advocacy mechanism, which can be introduced in their context such as United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1960 and 1325, and other UN mechanism and reports. • To provide support and resources for created groups under our movement to work for gender sensitive nonviolence by creating a sustainable online network of our movement peers. 3.0 THE STRATEGY: This project will strive first to engage key stakeholders in Uganda communities who influence actions of people they lead. We shall develop an approach that will reach the perpetrator homophobic and trans phobic violence in a way they can easily understand and change their attitude towards LGBTI person. Many of our staffs are professionals from diverse of faith based domination, they have experience from countries where LGBTI persons are legalized and our volunteers speak from their own personal experience with LGBTI person. Their sincerity and experience will help to build a rapport with fellow Ugandans and give realistic understanding of human rights of LGBTI persons and women. This will be achieved by employing spiritual point of view in relation to fundamental human rights. We shall not just talk to Ugandans, telling them to “say no” to violence against LGBTI and women. We shall educate them to come to that conclusion on their own. It is this personal decision to end violence against women and sexual minorities that will bring tolerance, love, inclusiveness, dialogue and reconciliation last and stay with them for life and pass it on to young generation. Themes like Understanding and living with others will be covered (to educate Ugandans that every human being whoever the person, should be respected simply for being the art of God). This is meant to build a character of love, tolerance and dialogue hence making a world a better place for every person and all other forms of life. 3.1 Project Activities. This project will involve local communities and their leaders to play active role in sensitizing and educating Ugandans on the ending violence against women and sexual minorities. Open minded government officials and village council leaders will also be integrated in this project and empowered to carry on sensitization of parents, guardians and caretakers. These members of society will be engaged and given information regarding ending violence against women and LGBTI persons, In this project people who can read will be given booklets containing summarized funder mental human rights in a language they easily understand) Schools and community outreach will be carried out in Mbarara, Wakiso and Kampala, Mukono, Gulu and Jinja workshops and seminars will be held for them depending on needs assessment. Workshops on forms of violence and how to detect them will be carried out for parents, guardians, caretakers, and teachers and these partners will be equipped with skills to carry our sensitization in their families and schools. In this project we shall print T-shirts, banners with information regarding ending violence against women and sexual minorities and billboards will be designed and put in strategic places where people can read information on them. Music, dance and drama will be employed to expose dangers and consequences of violence in homes. TV and radio talk shows will be done to sensitize the public and promote the ending violence against women and sexual minorities activities. A specific literature (books), pamphlets are already selected for use during this project and past project



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