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Main means to stop global crisis & reduce poverty

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Main means to stop global crisis & reduce poverty.

Only way to beat price rises is globalization by Optimal Development.
Global crisis leads to WWIII in 2027 like Great Depression led to WWII (get the details).

The general ideas on Optimal Development (OD), based on a compromise between force and wisdom, market and plan, show there’s a need of a sage globalization, with the OD Fund in the West and investment in it of 0.001+ capitals a year for the OD Center’s branches in big cities for the and OD theory as a further education (get the details), since “before we change the world, we need to change the way we think” (

Main XXI century’s project to stop global crisis & reduce poverty.
Main further development & business, education & research.

Optimal Development (OD) to begin with transport is the main XXI century’s project. It’ll stop the global crisis and reduce poverty. This project will consume up to 50% of all investments. Since this is a new global business the return of capitals may begin not before 5 years. It’d be better for investors to keep capitals in this non-profit business, since investments in the usual market businesses may be lost with the market’s recession. There’s the draft development and business plan.

For the optimal or best way to educate people there’s a need of: 1) the optimal means of information and communication, this is the Internet; 2) the optimal program as a compromise between the classical education and OD theory, it has been developed by the OD author; 3) the optimal planes and flying cars for free flights of all people, educated unemployed people from the EU, USA to fly to poor countries to teach them to use the internet and to give them the new education,

Optimal flying car, plane, Spaceship as XXI century’s Main Project (Part I).
Good sphere for CrowdFunding, other investments, part & full time jobs.

The optimal air, water, land craft will reduce fuel expense, exhaust, warming, car accidents, jams, will stop price rise, give new jobs and good incomes. There’s a need to begin with the optimal flying car It and optimal planes will allow most safe, cheap, fast flights to any place, including Space, and back every day. The results are based on the author’s specialty. There’re positive references of a prominent specialist and of Rospatent experts. (EU grants about $5 billion for the since movement in the air is most effective, but they’ve no new general ideas.)

Teregulov. Univ. education, Sci. degree & Sci. title on General Mechanics with applications to aircraft. Member of Kazan academy of scientific creativity. +7 843 2365517 Son got this specialty too. He is strong in practice.

P.S. “I like to support causes where a lot of good comes from a little bit of good, using the latest advancements, on a global scale” ( That’s why the market’s ups are caused by its new general ideas’ use and the downs - by the general ideas exhaustion, as it is now. Hence, the global crisis will be stopped by the new general ideas.

P.P.S. Part II of the XXI century’s Main Project will be Globalization by Optimal Development (OD) as a further education. The OD Method allows to define: the meaning of life and objective role of people, and by them to define the basic cause of the global crisis and means to stop it; the optimal incomes, economics, politics; the means for optimal longevity etc.



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