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I'm an African-American young lady who was told over and over again, that when choosing colleges pay no mind to prices, because of my monetary situation it would always be paid for me. Well, They LIED!! I choose to go to New Jersey City University, and after the first semester I already had to take out 5 G's. and I still had a bout 7 or more to go, so what did i do? I transferred to a community college to save on money, but even still I have to take out loans because they say my mother makes to much, well at the age of 18 I had to move out of my mother's because her work took her 2.5 hours away, and my mother does make decent money, but taxes take it all, and she's putting another child through college, but do they take that into consideration? They must not, because now i don't qualify for financial aid at all, but i'm still pursuing my education, after all it's my only ticket out. When i went to speak with someone in FA, I asked if I could prove that i live on my own and i receive no help will that do any good, and what she said to me next will stick with me the rest of my life. She told me "either you drop out till' your 24 or go pop out a kid!" Really those are my only options give away my youth to struggle or give away my youth to an unwanted child. Well i refuse! No I don't have a dramatic story I wasn't abused, i didn't get knocked up in high school, and I have an extremely close relationship with my parents. I know your wondering why should you donate to me? Well if you don't then the message your sending to children all over the world is you can only be rewarded with good if you have had this chaotic upbringing, or you're a child protege, well that's not me, why should i suffer, because i'm trying to do everything the right way?



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