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December 16, 2010

Please donate and I'll put up more of my pictures from my trip to Africa (Summer 2009)  See more
Pratik Govind


My goal is to compile donations through this charitable website and to distribute them to a compilation of organizations that I have researched and found will use the money in the most direct and productive way in helping save endangered species and animals on the brink of extinction.

The story of this website, based on what I have read, is that people can create a "project," which is just a name the person decides on. Then, the project is connected to a non-profit charitable organization of choice to which all donations will be transferred. Basically, you know your money is going to a real charity, this format is just to spread the word in a social online setting.


For thousands of years, the wildlife and people of Africa co-existed in balance. In the 20th century, wildlife faced escalating pressure from a growing human population and its effects, from habitat destruction to spread of disease, to overhunting. The balance was upset.

In 1961, African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, Inc. was founded at the height of the African Independence movement to help newly independent African nations and people conserve their own wildlife.

Since then, this organization, now called the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), has played a major role in ensuring the continued existence of some of Africa’s most rare and treasured species, including the elephant, the mountain gorilla, the rhinoceros and the lion. To do so, AWF has invested in Africa’s people. How? By training and educating conservation professionals and developing conservation enterprises to improve peoples’ livelihoods while also conserving wildlife.

In 1998, AWF ushered in a new era in conservation with its African Heartlands Program. In essence, we have drawn lines in the sand around what we think (based on research, of course) are the most critical landscapes to preserve – large landscapes that are key to sustaining a diversity of species well into the future. These landscapes – or Heartlands – are at the heart of everything we do.

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