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December 09, 2010

We live in a world full of reasons to be unhappy. No one ever said they were good reasons.  See more


Project Enquinbue


Charity. Focused toward the happiness and well being of the world. Centered around health and lifestyle. I've had my eyes opened. Beyond the billions of dollars sent to charities around the world, beyond packages of food distributed and blankets given to the homeless. I've seen that this is only a temporary solution to a greater problem, no sooner is money spent that you have none again, food is eaten and your plate is again empty, blankets worn down and again you are cold. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. But what if that fisherman is to sad to leave his house? What if the resources he needs to succeed are there, he just has lived in suffering for so long he doesn't see the potential for happiness?

Project Enquinbue is not a physical or religious charity, we're not here to blow money on supplies or food that might grow old in a warehouse somewhere or teach the word of a god you might not believe in. We're an emotional charity, focused on spreading the precursor to well being. Without the hearts of millions of immigrants and the belief in a better opportunity, we never would have accomplished the scientific and artistic discovery of post american revolution. Without the passion to achieve your dreams, you would have nothing to dream of. That is why Project Enquinbue is about dreams. Your dreams, others dreams. In the form of art, music, various cultures and activities. It doesn't matter what medium your dreams shine through, but dreams are contagious. When you hear a song that hits deep, it may drive you to succeed. When you see a painting you relate to, it might cause you to be something more. Enquinbue is about the art of life, and spreading freedom of happiness everywhere, knowing that when people see the art or hear the music, watch the film, experience in whatever way its communicated, they will begin to feel the same. From passion and emotion comes inspiration, from inspiration comes success, and from success comes prosperity. So when you teach that man to fish, he'll find a way to genetically engineer hybrid superfish that grow 5 times larger and feed entire families.



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