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Entrenous Youth Empowerment Services Inc

Entrenous Youth Empowerment Service...
CROWDRISE : Aug 01, 2016
Tax ID: 45-5621689
BASED: Long Beach, CA, United States


Our Mission

Rebuilding our Communities Rebuilding our Lives

Compton YouthBuild’s mission and purpose is to provide rigorous educational and occupational opportunities for at promise people from economically distressed areas who are invested in creating a sustainable future for themselves, their families and communities. 


Respect – We develop an understanding of one another by respecting each other’s beliefs, culture and space.

Care – We care for each other by providing a safe place that allows young people to feel comfortable, confident and cared for.

Compassion – We are compassionate towards each other by having a system of boundaries, high expectations, support and consistency to allow young people the opportunity to reach their goals while overcoming the challenges they face in their day lives.

Tax ID: 45-5621689 •


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