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Environmental Educator

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Eileen Connors via Crowdrise
December 15, 2010

Lets keep is in a livable planet.  See more


Eileen Connors


Good planets are hard to find. So lets stop conveniencing ourselves out of a livable planet. Education is the key to all success, including environmental. The Environmental Educator will end global environmental illiteracy, by putting the education the world needs in front of the world everyday for free. I've been at this for 17 years now, and trust me, everyone screaming for a solution isn't interested in one. However now with smarterthanmephone apps I no longer need ungained cooperation to put this education in front of the world everyday for free.
Starting Sun Jan 2, 2011 the Environmental Educator is a topic a week, with about 30-40 seconds of audio everyday. The apps and corresponding website are free, because I want everyone on this great planet to learn how to take care of it. However with donations, I can expand it's reach, with advertising and interperters so I can get this out in many languages. When I get successful, I will give back to others, because there is a lot of good that can be done in the world. So if you help us save a livable planet, I will in the future help other worthy causes, and my word is better than gold, because it's value never changes. You can take my word to the bank.



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