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Environmental Enlightenment: Integral Sustainability in India

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My name is Casandra Kelly. I am working on a project that will allow me to learn about sustainable efforts and integral sustainability in India and return to the states to continue to work in similar fields with newly acquired knowledge. I have partnered with a local chocolate company (Blissed Out Chocolates - check them out on the web!) as an intern and in return, a percentage of the profits will go toward my cause when mentioning my name.


The Program: Living Routes: Integral Sustainability In India

This is an interactive academic experience that truly honors relationships to each other (community), to the Earth (ecology) and to ourselves (worldview). Living Routes brings education to life by giving students the chance to study in communities and educational systems across the globe that cultivate more equitable, just and sustainable lifestyles. Through rich, academic, interdisciplinary coursework, service learning, cultural studies and community immersions, Living Routes programs supports development in understanding, skills, and experience necessary to help restore the individual, community and planet to greater health and resiliency while preparing for a career that makes a difference.


My objective is to raise $7,000 which is alittle over a third of the overall cost of the program held at Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India.

My goal future goal is to recive four business sponsorships at $500 each, two individuals to create a $2,000 matching fund to be partnered with getting $50 each from 20 of my best friends and $100 or larger contributions from 8 other people. Meanwhile I am going to work hard and live at home in order to save $5,000 from my earnings.

I am asking for your help today in attaining my first goal of $1,250 which accounts for the initial deposit and will secure my space for the spring 2012 program. Every little bit counts and this will be a great support as I continue to fundraise for the remaining $5,750.


With your contribution of: 

$1 or more :  Become a part of my living journey on, and travel along side as I visit communities working toward a more sustainable future


$10 or more = Along with the blog, you will receive a photo post card created by yours truly!

$20 or more = You will receive an updated blog, postcard, and one positive solutions recipe useful in day-to-day living

$50 or more = Everything above stated will be yours as well as your name and/or your organization will be recognized as a donor on my slideshow.

$100 or more = The blog, photo post card, positive solution, name on the slideshow, and a slideshow presentation personally given by me will be yours.

$500 or more = All of the above, plus an educational and inspiration speech on a topic of your interest from the work I have done

$1,000 or more = This is a humbling gift and with reverence I gift everything previously stated with a time commitment from me in selfless service (ie: volunteer work with you or your organization, a column written for your newsletter or blog, a presentation, Q&A, etc...)



I can not do it with out you and for that I have endless thanks!



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