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Equali Tees: The Root of the Problem

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Equali Tees is essentially a clothing company, but we consider ourselves a movement and a lifestyle. The idea behind us is that we're all equal, but we're also all different and we believe that both aspects should be celebrated. In order to accommodate that belief we offer a range of customizable clothing that allows the wearer to show off their personality while standing in solidarity with a group of like minded individuals at the same time. We also work to connect our clothing to causes off the beaten path, which is where The Root comes in.


Mimicking the Pan African flag, more than half of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt go toward funding genealogy searches for African Americans with the goal of giving people a greater sense of self, pride and belonging by connecting them to their past. We were all geared up to begin promoting our newest endeavor when we learned of this contest! So to begin, we're selecting a group of ten high school students in the Boston Public Schools system that we will work with out of the New England Historic Genealogical Research Society (NEHGS) located in Downtown Boston. Once we work out the kinks we plan to open this fund up for any African American to apply to.


Knowing where you come from is important. Like the adopted child that searches for their birth parents, African Americans are missing an important part of their journey by not knowing the story of their past. As a community we suffer greatly as a result of this and it's considered to be a major part of our current instability. It's time that we get to the root of our issues and stop with the band aids. 


The $4,000 that we're raising will provide each student with the means to transportation to and from NEHGS throughout the duration of the program, a one year membership to NEHGS, a DNA test that will help them dig deeper into their search, no less than 12 facilitated meetings with expert genealogists over the course of one year, and 3 facilitators that will rotate assisting students at each of these meetings. In the event that we exceed our goal we intend to either take on more students or begin this same process in our next pilot city, New Orleans, LA. This decision will be based on the amount of additional funds raised.


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