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CROWDRISE : Jul 18, 2013
Tax ID: 26-4715747
BASED: Watsonville, CA, United States


Secure the ERC lease

The Equine Rescue Center (ERC) is a 501c3 nonprofit animal welfare organization. We currently have 70 horses living on our pastures. Our goal is to rehabilitate and retrain abandoned, abused or neglected equines to find them new homes and new lives. We additionally provide lifelong sanctuary for elderly horses or those with chronic, incurable conditions, so they can live out their golden years with dignity and love. We strive to help our community, and provide programs that introduce people with special needs to the equines. We adopted out 38 equines to new homes in 2012, and we have adopted out 10 in 2013.

Our Fundraising Goal
Meeting our fundraising goal would insure a long-term home for our horses, ponies,
donkeys and mules by paying two years of our lease. All work at the
rescue is voluntary; there are no paid directors or staff. Every fund donated
goes straight to the upkeep and welfare of the horses. We would like to have the peace of mind that our location and pastures are secure, and be able to focus 100% of our energy and attention on the care of the horses.
Equine Rescue Center                                                                                                            We rescue horses from a variety of situations – primarily from auctions, animal
control and PMU abuse.

Equine auctions are dumping grounds for unwanted horses. We purchase old, injured or
young/untrained animals that are bid on by “kill buyers”. Kill buyers will
transport the unwanted horses to slaughter facilities in Mexico, where they are
stabbed repeatedly to bleed out – it is unregulated and extremely inhumane.
Many of the horses we purchase at auction go for under $100. The owner will no
longer pay for their upkeep, training or rehabilitation, and wants to unload
them. Equines at the auction include race horses who suffered
injury or just weren't fast enough; miniature horses; ponies; donkeys, mules
and more – trusting companions whose humans lost interest or would no longer
invest in them.

Our animal control cases are typically neglected horses that are abused or
abandoned, starved and emaciated. Animal control will contact us when they have
an equine rescue, and we will take them in if we have space.

PMU(Pregnant Mare Urine) mares and foals are byproducts of Permarine. PMU mares are
repeatedly impregnated in deplorable conditions, in order to produce Premarin
from their urine, a medication used by menopausal women. The foals are
considered a by-product and are frequently sent to the auction or straight to
slaughter. The mares are kept standing without being able to move, in a
constant state of thirst to produce more condensed urine.

Healing and Rehabilitation                                                                                                       We give our rescue equines a safe place to recover and unlearn years of abuse. We
teach them to trust and retrain them to not be defensive. We provide
sponsorships that facilitate trusting relationships with people, who love and help care for them. This process can take months, but we dedicate the time to learn their unique challenges and personalities, and design a custom program
to fit their needs. We make a lifelong commitment to these horses – even the
most difficult cases are not euthanized to make space for younger horses.
The Equine Rescue Center sits on 500 acres of grazing pasture. Our equines live in
large herds, where they can roam and socialize with other horses. The large
pasture setting and equine community promotes wellbeing and aids healing.
We have many programs that support our community. We bring disabled, inner city
youth, rape victims and school field trips to the ERC, to learn about horsemanship,
equine rescue, rehabilitation and teach youth compassion. The horses heal people and people heal them.
We turn away horses every day because we need to be able to support the ones we
have. Help us keep our rescue work going by donating and spreading the word!!!
You can help save a horse’s life.


Tax ID: 26-4715747 •


Secure lease for two years for more than 70 rescues of Equine Rescue Center & Sanctuary

Secure lease for two years f…

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3% Raised of $64,800 Goal