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Erase the Shame/Heal the Pain

Organized by: Carol Sinclair

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Erase the Shame/ Heal the Pain helps two young girls recover and rebuild their lives after years of being enslaved, tortured and trafficked right here in the United States. Your donation will help repair the damage by providing funds for desparately needed, shelter, transportation, medical and emotional help. You can become a part of the healing miracle that began when the eldest sister found the courage to tell someone about what was happening.

By telling her mother, than the police, than testifying in court, she saved her little sister's life, her own and the lives of other child victims. Her heroic bravery allowed the perpetrator to be found guilty. He was sentenced to over sixty years in prison, more than his natural life expectancy. Unfortunately, his conviction does nothing to repair the devastating physical, emotional and financial damage done.

The immense courage it took for the eldest sister to testify in open court, only feet away from the perpetrater, as he glared at her mumbling familiar terroristic threats was rewarded with an almost complete absence of societal support. Although the case was won, the girls life got dramatically harder after the trial.

As the fear that their testimony would inspire him to follow through on his violent threats from prison became unbareable for the girls, the search for supportive services, launched at the beginning of their ordeal, continued. Besides their mother and a kind therapist,there was no adequate medical or emotional help available to them in NJ.There was no financial help available either. In addition, social taboos forced the girls to carry the shame of these horrific crimes in silence. 

Eventually, the youngest became so frightened she couldn't go to school and she barely left the house for over a year. The oldest, the strong, social, self assured one, slowly fell into a coma-like catatonic state that almost killed her. She remained in this state for months wasting away.

She was passed from hospital to hospital in NJ. None of the doctors knew how to revive her.They feared that her motionless, unresponsive condition would lead to blood clots, respiratory danger and a plethora of fatal conditions. She needed cutting edge care at a first rate teaching hospital to save her life. But after applying to all the major hospitals for help nothing was available.. 

Finally, their mother and a heroic county worker contacted Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

With her older sister in an ambulence on her way to Johns Hopkins Hospital, a couple of states away, the younger sister was moved to San Diego to live with her aunt. The family had never been separated before and leaving her sister in such a bad condition was emotionally brutal on top of all that had come before.The two sisters had survived so much together. All she knew now was that her sister was unconcious and gone.

When she visited her older sister at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore before she left for San Diego, she became even more depressed. The sight of her big sister, unresponsive and with a feeding tube up her nose was unbearable. On the plane to San Diego, she thought she'd never see her again.

The older sister surprised everyone at Johns Hopkins by recovering quickly. She was discharged in one month. A couple days later she relapsed into an even worse and more life threatening condition and was readmitted.The second relapse was terrifying. It took her five months to be awake, clear and alert enough to finally be discharged for good. 

As soon as she was well enough to leave the day hospital program and the Ronald McDonald House, where she was staying with her mother, they flew to San Diego where they were finally and joyfully reunited with her younger sister.

Now, three months after they arrived in San Diego, both girls are recovering and making great stides towards rebuilding their lives.They are away from where all the trauma occured in NJ. With constant support, a good trauma center and supervision, they are working hard, getting therapy and moving forward.

There is a lot more work to do, but they are beginning to get past the horrific crimes perpetrated against them. The PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) symptoms like depression, severe anxiety, and malignant catatonia that kept them out of school and away from the world are easing with trauma therpy and support.

The oldest began school in San Diego months ahead of expectations. She's doing well in regular classes but is temporarily taking a mid day break until she's ready for a full time schedule. The youngest has been improving steadily now that her family's intact.. With continued hard work and a little luck, the sisters will be going to high school together in the fall.

Just as they are beginning to enjoy some real recovery, a new trauma hovers on the horizon. They are at risk of being separated again. After everything they've been through, the family is broke. The hospital co-payment bills are well over $500,000.00 and the cost of their relocation, shelter, food and transportation continues. 

When both girls become stable enough to go to school full time, their mother can return to work. In the mean time 24/7 care, supervision , advocacy and coordination of services is needed daily to keep the healing process going.

Their family, the backbone of their support and recovery process, may not be able to remain together much longer...

Your donation to Erase the Shame/ Heal the Pain will go directly towards their most immediate needs so they can continue to survive and thrive. They are strong, but without funds for clothing, food, shelter, emotional and medical help, their stability is jeopardized.

You can help save these brave sisters from the trauma of losing the vitally important daily support and understanding that comes from keeping their family together.They are tough, but they are still children.They have been through more pain than most people experience in a lifetime.


Any amount will help.


Help them save what's left of their childhoods. Show them there ARE people that care. Help them help themselves by donating to Erase the Shame/ Heal the Pain. They have done it all themselves so far. Can you help them finish the recovery they have worked so hard to achieve? Your donation will help them get closer to what they want to be, regular kids.


Organized by

Carol Sinclair

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