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Erika's Lighthouse is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness about adolescent depression, encouraging good mental health, and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Tax ID 20-1069100


Somewhere between 15%-20% of young people will develop depression before they reach adulthood (80% will go unrecognized and untreated) and 90-98% of those who take their life have a diagnosable mental disorder, the most common being depression.


Failure to recognize the symptoms of depression and the stigma associated with mental illness prevents youth and families from getting the help they deserve - in some cases, even taking lives.


Understanding that depression is the single largest risk factor to suicide, our approach is to provide depression and mental health education to anyone who touches a young person's life: schools, teens, parents, young adults, health professionals and community organizations at NO COST.

Our programs promote early identification and treatment of depression and guided by the message that depression is common, and can be serious, but is treatable. There is hope and help.


We strongly believe that everyone deserves good mental health and the right to live a healthy, happy and productive life.


Join us and together let's "GET DEPRESSION OUT OF THE DARK!"