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If You Have Ever Wished Upon A Star

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I have always struggled with coming up with an opening sentence no matter what it is that I write. This especially is hard for me since I am not one to ask for help easily...but I am in a tough situation as of right now.

As of the day after Christmas, I have been living with a friend of mine because of family struggles at home and although I still have communication with my family, I am now a self-supporting minor (17 yrs old until May).
I lost my job a little bit before Christmas and since it was my first Christmas having money to spend on people...I did so to a foolish extent and am now down to $50 total. I have applied to every job in the small town I live in; as have at least 100 students who have been resubmitting applications everywhere since the end of summer.

BUT I have recently found a job that not only would give me income right now, but also would be an incredible reference for me in the future. I am looking to become a virtual assistant: an independent service provider who provides administrative, secretarial, technical, or creative services to businesses externally. I have a skill for understanding how to use html and css codes along with technical navigation skills and a love and talent for design and creativity. I have talked to companies and businesses who have hired Virtual Assistants and have come to the conclusion that this could be an immense advance towards my future career goals. Since I am so young and inexperienced aside from being a receptionist, I want to have some sort of certification so that my chances of getting hired are greater.

I found that opportunity with International Virtual Assistants Association where I'm able to earn a certification and also take an Ethics Exam which would highly increase my chances of getting jobs. The exam, apparently, is incredibly difficult and I have been spending a LOT of time studying in order to be ready. I paid $176 (payment option of $44 per month...but I'm not even sure I will have that much for next month) and unfortunately misunderstood the terms of membership by thinking that amount would cover the exam costs as well. The exam is $50 which is required to become certified, which is another fee of $120. Normally, I would just drop it now and find something else...but I have already invested money I can't afford to spend and this job means so much to me.

I have never been a girl who has or wants a lot of 'stuff' aside from the basics, so when I left home the only things I brought with me were clothes, hygiene necessities, and my stuffed panda. Obviously, in order to do this job I would need a computer of some sort, which I am lacking. It would be...such a blessing to raise enough money to buy a laptop without having to sell my camera, which is my absolute pride and joy.

Being able to achieve this goal I've set for myself would mean the world to me. Even if I'm not able to raise money by asking for it I will work in whatever way I can (all morally acceptable options) to do so. If you want to contact me about anything at all, I would love that-even if you aren't able to help. My email is and I would be willing to give out my cell number there as well. I thank you so much for your time and consideration and for even being on this site and giving to any cause here.

Peace, Love and Happiness to you all ☺

Erin Marie



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