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Esperanza Academy providing "hope" for girls in Lawrence, MA Tax ID 73-1722348


Esperanza Academy is an independent, tuition-free middle school where disadvantaged girls from Lawrence, MA are welcomed into an empowering, learning community. Esperanza Academy offers its students a transformative education that intergrates a rigorous academic curriculum with cocurricular programs in athletics, the arts, community service, cultural-enrichment, social skills, and spirituality. The pride of Esperanza Academy is its students: Girls who are willing to learn for almost 10 hours a day, 11 months out of the year, against challenging odds. In addition, Esperanza Academy supports its students as they move into high school and college through our Graduate Support Program.  

It has been a noteworthy year for Esperanza Academy as 100% of our first class of alumnae graduated from high school and over 80% are currently enrolled in college! The Academy is exceedingly proud of the accomplishments of our students and need your continued support to further impact the future of these girls.