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Karim Essam's Fundraiser:

National Cancer institute-Largest cancer hospital

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July 29, 2017

My message asking all the people in the world to donate even a little - you will not imagine what to do when you cancel a dinner with your family  See more


EVENT DATE: Jul 26, 2017

Karim Essam



The problem:

In light of the  steady and steady increase in the number of tumor patients in Egypt in  recent years, and in light of the continuous development in methods and  methods of treatment of tumors and the need of environment surrounding  special specifications and developed, the inability of the current  headquarters of the National Cancer institute , Provides the required  expansions to fulfill the leading educational, research and therapeutic  role of cancer, which covers all ages, types and stages of the disease.

This  has necessitated the establishment of a new integrated headquarters to  meet these needs and provide an appropriate location for this  prestigious institution for at least 50 years to ensure that any cancer  patient will return to his or her home, regardless of age, degree of  illness, or the cost of treatment. His physical condition, as the  Covenant has always been at the National Cancer institute.

Solution: Project "National Cancer institute"

The new headquarters of the National Cancer institute (500500) will be held in Sheikh Zayed City on an area of

41 acres.    The  project is designed according to the latest and most comprehensive  international standards, in terms of scientific and engineering  specifications, to ensure the integration of patient care.  In  keeping with our corporate responsibility, the design has taken full  account of the highest standards of "LEED" and "Egyptian Green Pyramid  Standards" for the conservation of energy and the surrounding  environment, including the use of solar energy as much as possible.   Take  care to take all precautions that ensure positive interaction with the  community surrounding the project, such as providing waiting places for  nurses, doctors, workers and visitors, with a total capacity of 5200  cars and buses, to maintain the flow of traffic, and provide the  necessary calm for patients.  

Components of the first stage:

An integrated hospital for all types of tumors, all ages, 340 beds in the internal section.   In three years, 170 beds will be opened, 170 beds will be added within the next year and a half.     Half outpatient buildings, 100 beds for day treatment, tumor emergency, and diagnostic sections.     Administrative and academic part. 

The latest developments are:

35% of the total excavation work has been completed.The introduction of the groundwater drainage system to enable further drilling to deeper depths.The work of installation cables and the completion of 30% of them.Additional equipment has been imported for the loader, excavators and others to complete the drilling work as soon as possible.100%  of the "Diaphragm wall" walls, which are 32 m deep from the earth's  surface, are finished with the walls surrounding the building's external  boundary.  

Your  donation, no matter how simple it is, helps us to expand expansions in  the fastest and most efficient way. We provide our children with the  best medical services, and in them we reach the global healing rates.


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A one dollar donation will most likely lead to the demise of a Cancer

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Karim is working on selecting a charity so you can support National Cancer institute-Largest cancer hospital.