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Relationship-based Ethology

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EVENT DATE: Jan 01, 2012

myriam jael riboldi


Relationship-based Ethology is first and foremost of a new stance, an original mental attitude which allows us to find and study some  important, but often missed, features and elements emerging from the dynamic relationships between different species.

Any time a relationship or a connection starts between living beings, a new and important process begins affecting mental, emotional,empathic and energetic spheres, to the point of modifying and transforming all the subjects involved.

Studying species specific behaviours without considering and fully understanding the emototional and energetic chain of events involved in the relationship-based area, induces a partial vision about the entire realtionship and amounts to wasting potential added values.

It’s a new approach and attitude, coming from a biocentric concept (life itself as the realationship center of gravity and not only the human being), which requires a great effort by the human involved in order to achieve self-knowledge and sensivity.

Relationship-based Ethology©, is a new way to relate to nature and animals in ethology and zooanthropology. Our goal is to share a new and innovative vision of animal behaviour cognitive ethology (study of animal minds),and behavioral ecology and its relationship with the planet. In few words we are talking about ethologicaly compatible and eco-friendly behaviours in agreement with open and extended human minds free of mental boxes and old systems of beliefs.Our mentors are cognitive ethologists like Jane Goodall, Marc Bekoff and Donald Griffin but also revolutionary scientists such as Joe Dispenza ( who posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness), Gregg Braden, Rupert Shaldrake, Masaru Emoto and Bruce Lipton (October 21st, 1944).The last one is an american developmental biologist known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be affected and manipulated by personal behaviours and beliefs. Energy, empathy,deep communication, listening, observation, contextual approach, power of intention......combine to help finding a way towards a new deep conscious awareness sense where human being is able to recognize the contamination and the strong connection with Gaia, and this leads us to an individual understanding and responsability in dealing indifferently with domestic, wild, unknown and raised animals.At the same time we have to understand tha same responsability and attitude towards our planet.

The love you give, persists - Myriam Jael Riboldi (also in english)



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