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FIEB Foundations' Fundraiser:

Starting the Center for the Breeding and Study of European mink

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Ethology and Biodiversity Research Foundation (FIEB) is interested in this project
due to its ecological interest and considers its financing to be a great opportunity
to help save one of the most emblematic and endangered specie of our ecosystems. European mink (Mustela lutreola, Linnaeus, 1761) is a small semi-aquatic mustelid. European mink (Mustela lutreola) is one of the most globally threatened specie. Until the nineteenth century, they occupied most of Europe. But since the 90's, its range has been reduced to 80%, having disappeared in more than 20 central countries. Currently, only three populations are isolated from each other in the world: Eastern European population (northern and central Russia), the Western (northern Spain and southwestern France) and the Danube Delta. All three populations have a negative trend. One of the best and most viable populations known (less than 500 individuals) is located in Spain. Since November 2011, European mink has been considered Endangered Critical (Red
List of Threatened Species IUCN, 2012). FIEB hopes to develop and implement a breeding program, study the behavior of the species in captivity, perform "pre-reintroduction training" in copies of captive species that will be released
into the wild in hopes to increase the species survival rate, and educate the public about this issue in hope to disseminate the survival risk of the specie.



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FIEB is working on selecting a charity so you can support Starting the Center for the Breeding and Study of European mink.