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Global Partnership For Emerging Leaders Inc wrote -

As a gay man I've always known that the basic safety, respect, and dignity that many others take for granted would not be given to me without me demanding it. I was physically harassed in gym locker rooms. I had "faggot" screamed at me as I walked down the halls at school. I've gotten dirty looks for kissing my partner good bye in public. I know that being proud of who I am and who I love comes with risks. I've seen other people literally pay with their lives. Even in a city that is relatively progressive on LGBTQ rights, there is still much danger in living your truth. That's what inspired me to want to work with LGBTQ leaders around the world. I understand the deep pain and the hard work that goes into having just basic human rights recognized. I also realize that I have the privilege of being in a part of the globe where it's possible to create space for those who need it in order to take enhance their leadership skills and create community globally and in their home communities. In supporting this fundraiser you're supporting me: your family member, friend, colleague and person you care about. You're also helping create a world where people are free to love whom they choose and be who they are. As far Right-wing movements pop up and gain traction around the globe, a well supported communal structure to counterbalance those movements (and the attacks they lob at the LGBTQ community) is needed. GPEL works with LGBTQ leaders to protect the gains we've made from assault and to build upon our work, which is far from over, for LGBTQ liberation. Support me as I ride for LGBTQ global liberation!


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