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CROWDRISE : Jan 20, 2016
Tax ID: 46-1045585
BASED: Westchester, IL, United States



Provide Legal Defense

Free individuals and their families from the bonds of justice

The Evans Exoneration Project or T.E.E.P was organized in 2011, by Attorney Demitrus Evans, for individuals that were incarcerated and maintained their innocence. Her mission is to provide these individuals and their families help with their legal defense and free them from the bonds of justice by partnering with like minded individuals and organizations to provide legal assistance.

We receive on average about 5 to 10 letters a week from inmates who need our services with their cases, with anything ranging from gathering DNA evidence, reviewing case law or filing appeals, which alone costs $10,000.

We are still working hard to help the wrongfully convicted. We are sorting through many letters from inmates and responding to these people who feel like all hope is lost and that their whole lives were stolen from them. The justice system is flawed and these people need all of the help that they can get. A huge obstacle with our work is the fact that cases of this nature are very costly. It makes it almost impossible for these people's voices to be heard. We are in the process of collaborating with more Pro Bono attorneys, but paying an attorney is not the only thing that costs money. It is things like phone calls to inmates, which are extremely expense, transcript costs, and investigative costs - among a lot of other miscellaneous expenses. Every little bit helps and these lost souls will absolutely appreciate it!


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