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Eva's Eden is a cage-free cat shelter located in Blaine Washington.  In the 4 years we have been established, we have saves thousands of cats and kittens from an untimely death.  In addition to taking in relinquished pets and ferals, we also visit high kill rate shelters across the state.  These facilities have more cats than they can handle and count on shelters like us to provide a release valve.  With out our assistance these shelters have no other course but to euthenize adoptable cats and kittens, simple to make more room.  Up to now, we have relied on volunteers personal vehicles to make these trips, but with limited room sometimes we can't take all we should.  

With a fully medically equipped transport vehicle we could go further to help and allow us to provide immediate medical care to these already sick and stressed animals.  Additionally, such a vehicle could be used to provide reduced fee spay and neuter services.  Some of the areas we visit have no such thing available.  Also, we would like to use the transport to educate the public, escpecially school children.  Teaching compassion and responsibility for  helping the voiceless of our society is one more way we can contribute to creating beauty in our culture.  Please help us realize this new goal in Eva's Eden mission of 'bringing love to the world, one cat at a time.'