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Celebrating 13 years of sponsoring programs in literacy, injury prevention, and education for Native American youth.

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The mission of Eve's Fund is to promote hope, wellness, and injury prevention for Native American youth. We are currently focusing our efforts on children and teens living on or near the Navajo Nation in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

Most of these young people live in poverty and face enormous obstacles in their lives. Death rates from vehicular crashes and suicide are 3-4 times higher than national rates. Domestic violence and abuse are common. High school dropout rates are nearly 50%. Hope is in short supply.

Eve's Fund is committed to helping Native youth overcome these obstacles and find the hope they need to live their best lives.

We begin with young elementary students, helping improve their literacy skills and love of reading through our Magic Tree House Teaching Bookshelf program.

For older students, we offer scholarships that cover expenses at either a college-preparatory high school or vocational/technical program.

And for all students in grades K-12, we give presentations on how to reduce the risk of preventable injuries and deaths. As part of this ThinkFirst Navajo program, the students hear from adult Navajos who are living with paraplegia as a result of a preventable injury. By sharing their personal stories, the speakers are able to get through to the students in a meaningful and impactful way.

In 2010, 2012, and again in 2014 we received a "Quality of Life Grant" from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for our efforts in preventing severe injuries among young Navajo people. Chosen out of 197 chapters. ThinkFirst Navajo  was named the  2015 "Chapter of the Year by ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation.

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Eve's Fund for Native American Health Initiatives is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization incorporated in 2005. Neurosurgeon Dr. Robert M. Crowell established Eve's Fund in memory of his daughter, Eve Erin Crowell, who died in February of that year. Eve's mother, Barbara Crowell Roy, is actively involved in the management of all programs.