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The Evocati Project is working to help the Yazidi forces that are defending themselves against ISIS. In August of 2014, ISIS came to the Sinjar area of Iraq and tried to commit genocide of the Yazidi people. Around 3,000-5,000 Yazidis were executed and buried in mass graves. 3,500 women and girls were forced into sex-slavery. This means that about 1% of the worlds Yazidi population was either killed or put into slavery in a matter of weeks. As of now, at least 2,000 are still used as sex-slaves, thousands of Yazidis are living in refugee camps, and ISIS is currently using chemical attacks against the Yazidi. Our mission is to provide quality training, under limited resources, in order to give the Yazidi Peshmerga snipers. The founders of the Evocati Project are US military veterans who have experience with the Peshmerga and fighting ISIS. In the past, we have gone to fight ISIS, as well as provide training based our military experiences with the US Army and the Marines. Starting in 2016, we decided to get the "biggest bang for our buck" by training snipers. Snipers are a great asset to have on the battlefield, and they are relatively cheap to produce. As an example: TOW missiles are great to have, but they cost around $58,000 per missile. We could train and equip more than 25 snipers, if we had $58,000. Right now, we are only asking for $1411. That money will go towards the airfare to send one member to Iraq in order to conduct try-outs for sniper training. It will also pay for the upkeep of a webpage for 2 months (we plan on keeping it longer, of courses; this will just help get things started). We, as well as the Yazidi people, are greatly appreciative of your contributions. Thank you! Supas, heval!



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