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Evoke Foundation

Evoke Foundation
CROWDRISE : Sep 20, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4798387
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States



The EVOKE Foundation is committed to the values of visual art with social and creative impact, encouraging excellence and the creative freedom of artists. Encouraging diverse voices by developing, producing and distributing innovative visual media worldwide.

By investing in visionary content makers we connect all aspects of visual art and visual artists bringing them together to use the visual medium as a tool for change and collaboration using art as a transformative engine for education and awareness. Nurturing artists EVOKE fosters public understanding of the vital contribution the arts make to the quality of life and understanding in our communities. 


EVOKE is an evolution of many projects the founders have been successful at producing using imagery as a tool for change. During the Rwandan war in 1994 Seamus Conlan brought together the resources of the United Nations Children's Fund, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Eastman Kodak and Life Magazine to help reunite more than 21,000 lost children with their parents using photographic image, this process is now a standard form of tracing people in developing nations.



EVOKE will further the digital distribution of projects across millions of people to begin global conversations, grass roots conversations using the visual medium as a tool for change and education for the benefit of all.

Tax ID: 81-4798387 •


Evoke Foundation

Evoke Foundation

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