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Hi I am in great need on legal asst. I have been a redeemed person for over 15 yrs. I am a living witness that people can change, because I changed. I use to sale drugs to support my family . I had no education and no real since of positive direction. This went on until 2001, that's when I gave my life to GOD, I went to prison , got out in 2005, from that day on, I have not dealt as NY drugs ect...I could not get a job, due to my past criminal record. So I had to get side jobs, cut grass ect...I had no real training or skills, I did achieve my GED while being incarcerated. So that was the beginning of my new life, well I had a open drug case in Houston Tx. When I was released from Texas jail. I promised God, if He let me out of that jail, I would never sale drugs again. Well folks, I got out with time severed... Well the FBI was watching me, that's what the sheriff told me when I was released from Texas jail, well, I was released, and as soon as I got out, I was approached by a Spanish guy and a lady. They started a conversation we with me, seeing the clothes I had on, the Spanish guy, asked had I just being released from jail. In said yes...5 yrs. Then he propersitioned me, saying that he could get me a 100 lbs. In Atlanta, Ga , I quickly rejected the offer, as and told the guy. I was redemmed and promised God, I would stay away from asking drugs, to be honest folks, i never have been on that level, in the drug game, I was a five and twenty dollars guy, never even seen 10 pounds in my life...honest folks. But, anyway, I got to Atlanta, and started a small handy mean service, tell folks, I learned 16 skills, in the building and construction trades, I started rehabbing houses, met this Jewish guy, buisness man, he had a 100 houses, so work was good, well until the Jewish guy, tricked me into let him use my credit and sale me a house,I didn't know anything about buying or selling a house, he assured me that, he could flip the house, and since I worked on house's, then iT would be a great opportunity. Well this man took me in a office with 3 white men, I was a 41 yr. Old black man, well they got me to signed papers about the house, well , I went and got the house ready for sale on 3 wks. Now listen real close folks, the guy who sold me one if his houses, was suppose to sale the house for me, well he did not try to sale the house at all. He flem flammed me, they staged the whole thing. The house went into foreclosure. He wouldn't let me rent the house out, I tried everything. I was paying 1100 monthly on a hard money lone, that means the ingest is much higher then reg. Mortgage, because the property is for investment. Well, this guy even had someone staying in my house while I was trying to sake it, yeah, the house was about 35miles from me, so I would go down to check on it from time to time, I knocked on the door and a dog came barking, I reported it to Rockdale sheriff dept. Only to find out, their is a squatters law, come to find out, the 3 white men , used my credit up, they refinance the house ect..all kinda illegal activities... I 100% tell you folks, I was not envoled then and not now, I dont know anything about white collar buisness. But, This white guy, is very Rich, well richer than me, but, the Feds, struck up a investigation on the Bank the Jewish guy used, they are trying to kill me, honest folks, they want me dead, they are trying to save their necks, use me as a fall guy. They didn't know I had just got out of prison. So thier plan back fired, now, they gave a paper trail with my name on it. So if and when they kill me, it will just be swepted under the rug, because of my arrest record. Then they, the real crooks would be off the hook. Let me mind you, I am going up against a doctor and two lawyers..they got the FBi trying to set me up. I was looking at some photos of the house, the guy sold me, I noticed that the for sale sign , didn't even have the area code in the sign, so that means, they never tried to sale the house. I was being used for my credit. I went to the FBI , only to meet a FBI that I had seen before at the Jewish guy place of  buisness. I didn't know he was a FBI , until I went to report the fraud against me. To my surprise it was the same guy ibseen at the buisness man buisness, he  would not give me his name, yeah check that out guys. Wow ! ..I told him, I was a victim.. And that my life was in danger.. He didn't file my report, he just intercepted me from telling another agent. Well. Now, they are trying to set me up. I can't work, because I use Craigslist to get gigs, but the FBI are setting jobs on CL and trying to get me to go into basements ect..the put drugs in my van tire....honest folks, I have tried everything, called news station, no help. Call the FBI in Washington DC, no help, call Atlanta Detectives..no help, went to sandy springs police dept....no help. Went down town to Fulton county DA office.. No help.!! They have made my friends, co workers, ect..stay away from around me,these are my witnesses, they truely know I dont sale drugs. I need help folks, I just need a lawyer. I m about to go crazy..maybe I will go down town Atlanta with a sign on my neck, serious !! I am in great distress.. All I wanted was to stay free and live a honest and productive life, take care my kids. And stay free to Bury my parents.. Now, it's looking mighty shady. I might be dead before them.. Honestly . OK please, please, pretty please. This is not a scam, I am serious as a hart attack . if you know a lawyer that will help me, please tell him to contact me. I am a bout to go into hiding now, serious ! I am scared folks ! What should I do ??? Someone tell me ?? I have done everything legal I know. Still no help. I need a lawyer please....I am in tears about this whole ordeal ..all my life , I made bad choices and  hung around the wrong crowd. But when I get my life together. I end up getting used and set up for the kill...its crying shame, how people allow money to corrupt their lives. Hey I am good with what ever God allows me to have, but I dont deserve this.. I have been really good to people in my life time, I have gave my last dime, I have bought beds clothes for kids and families I didn't even know, black and white even Mexicans. I did it from my heart! God told Me to do it.. I obeyed. Now here I am,caught up in a situation that's, kinda out of my hands.. I cant get no attention.excuse me folks, but I am in tears about this, if you can't trust the FBI who can you trust ? Look I have been out 10.5 yrs. And they still haven't charged me, tell me why I couldn't file a report with the FBI ? Why why...because they are with the 3 rich white men. I am not prejudice.. At all. I m just telling you what happens to me. Now, its not about the money, its about lagel representation.. That's what I am asking for here..the lawyer I talk to, told me he wanted 10,000 just to talk to the FBI....hey I dont have a 1000 bucks, I live day to day, and like I said earlier, they got CL all set up for me. If you pray on this, God will reveal to you my situation... Trust GOD not me. I thank you for your time and I ask that God bless you all. I need help bad..this is not a scam or a joke....I had no other option...


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Steve Brown

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