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CROWDRISE : Jul 21, 2015
Tax ID: 27-3155466
BASED: Washington, NC, United States



Our Mission

Exceptional Children Enjoying Life – ExCEL – was founded to provide children with special needs an opportunity to play sports and to interact with each other. They can do so in a safe and supportive environment, where participating in sporting activities helps the children build self-confidence and improve skills in relationship building.

What is ExCEL?

Exceptional Children Enjoying Life is an organization dedicated to provide sports and other activities for children with special needs.

ExCEL was founded in 2009 when Allen and Donna Pittman were looking for a way for their son, Jacob (who has Autism), to play baseball like other kids.

ExCEL was started with the help of friends and community partners and borrowed sports equipment.


When we play

Tee ball season starts the first Sunday following Labor Day in September. We play each Sunday at 2PM. Games are held at The McConnell Sports Complex on Airport Road in Washington. The season lasts for 6 weeks.


We invite everyone to watch as these special kids “Enjoy Life”. We will promise that you will be truly blessed.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with the games. If you, your church, sports team or civic organization would like help with a game please let us know.



Mission Statement:

Exceptional Children Enjoying Life was founded to provide children with special needs an opportunity to play sports and to interact with each other and with typical peers.

We believe:

All children have the right to have fun and “Enjoy Life” regardless of their ability level.

Children should be able to “Enjoy Life” without their parents having to worry about cost.

Children should be able to “Enjoy Life” on their own terms. They should be encouraged and not discouraged or ridiculed for playing on their own terms.

The only score kept is the smile on the faces of the participants.



Exceptional Children Enjoying Life welcomes all volunteers and donations.

Tax ID: 27-3155466 •


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