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Excess skin removal surgery

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Matthew Saylor


I have been trying to save up for surgery myself over the past couple years ever since I lost close to 300 pounds of unwanted pounds by teaching myself to eat right and live a healthier and happier life. 


I never created a specific diet or followed any weight loss plans or any dietary weight loss supplements of any sort. I developed a strong will to commit to a way of living I have never tried in my early childhood all the way leading up to growing into an adult. It was difficult to make these changes knowing I was in this battle alone since nobody in my family that I live with was willing to change the way they ate. I was in it to win it. I didn't care how hard it was going to be and how long it would have taken to get there. I never thought about how demotivating it was to really have nobody that really encourage me except for one or two close friends. I would isolate myself from the outside world just to keep me focused on what I wanted to get accomplished and get me on the right path to at least feel comfortable being in public and never being made fun of.


It took me about two years to start becoming more active after losing about 125 pounds and getting more into exercising. Keep in mind I had never stepped into a gym unless it was a requirement in school. The first type of real exercising I started to get into was a fitness program home dvd called Insanity by Beach Body with a really close friend of mine. I would look at my saggy skin on day 1 of recording my progress knowing I would not get those toned abdominals after two months of vigorous training and healthy eating. It's been about six years since I began my journey of losing the weight and toning up as much as I could without the help of surgery.


If it's real loose skin like from losing a bunch of weight carried around like I have for most of my life that never goes away without surgery-just like stretch marks unfortunately. That's why people with extreme weight loss have to have skin loss surgery or they have belly skin that hangs down to their knees and is painful and embarrassing to look at.

The cost depends on your location and your body, how much skin needs to be removed the the doctor.

Since insurance won't cover it, I will have to pay for the actual surgery, the anesthesiologist, the medication during surgery, the medication after surgery and any lab tests and physicals to make sure you are healthy for surgery. You can exercise so many hours a day, change the way you eat like I do still most parts of my body where loose skin does not go away without a surgeon removing it.

I am currently in a tight situation where I am unemployed and searching every day for a job and looking to get back into getting my education advanced further so that I could improve my overall life for my future career.

This money would strictly go towards the surgery,and all procedures that would be necessary for me to finally start looking like an average 210 pound man, instead of not being comfortable to walk around without a shirt.

If you could only contribute one dollar, anything would be great. I am such a humble person and haven't ever asked many people for anything so asking complete strangers for any help at all is difficult for me. I will be forever grateful for anyone making a donation to help me get this taken care of.




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Matthew is working on selecting a charity so you can support Excess skin removal surgery.