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Our Vision: A community that has solved the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Tax ID 94-3472044



Our work is about making our community a fundamentally better place to live by helping more people enter and stay in recovery.

We’re dedicated to system change and social transformation around addiction. It means changing almost everything we think we know about this disease and how we deal with it – in every part of our community.


What We Do

As the community's public face and voice for recovery, we’re focused on changing everything about the way addiction is addressed in Sioux Falls. Our bold vision is a community that understands and treats addiction the same as any other chronic disease.

Our approach calls for shifting the community’s treatment of alcohol and other drug problems from an “emergency room” model to a model of chronic care, similar to other chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart disease.

This means that people would recognize signs and symptoms of addiction, get help before their problems are too severe and have access to ongoing recovery supports and services to help manage their disease.

This “recovery-oriented” approach has been shown to help more people succeed in recovery and to provide significantly better recovery care, with social, public health and economic benefits to the community.